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$500K Sale of Tom Brady’s ‘Last Touchdown Ball’ Reportedly Voided After Legendary QB’s Unretirement

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Y’all remember that poor soul who bid on what was almost the last touchdown ball Tom Brady ever threw? Well, it seems that they have avoided one of the biggest auction losses ever. As far as sports memorabilia goes, the ball will now have some extra intrinsic value. Brady retired and then unretired, it just so happened that someone bought the ball from his last TD pass.

It wasn’t just the fact that Brady unretired after the purchase. The decision happened the day after the auction was over. So, it was almost an immediate turnaround for the person who put up $500,000. Tom Brady has clearly not thrown his last touchdown ball yet and might have another 40-50 by the end of next season.

Of course, ever since the ball became much less valuable, the would-be owner has been trying to find a solution. The legendary quarterback offered to give a bitcoin to the buyer. Clearly, it was about more than just getting a little retribution. They wanted a refund. Well, they got their wish. Darren Rovell originally reported on the deal between the seller and Leland’s auction block.

Apparently, the ball is now worth just 10% of what it once was. Somewhere around $50,000 for the last ball Brady threw before he retired for a month or so. It isn’t nothing, but it definitely isn’t $500,000.

At the moment, it is not clear what the deal was. So, there could be some payment from the buyer still. The seller was going to be out a small fortune after the incident as well. I suspect that there was some money exchanged, but those details might stay a secret for all we know. But I’m sure it was better than dumping half a million dollars.

Tom Brady Hasn’t Thrown His Last Touchdown Ball Yet

With 624 touchdown passes, Tom Brady isn’t done with his incredible career. The GOAT is ready to keep doing GOAT things in Tampa Bay. Coming out of retirement was a big move and it shocked the sports world. Not to mention that auction buyer. It has been a bit of a wild ride since then, with head coach Bruce Arians retiring as a coach and a few other things.

However, what is clear is that Brady is locked in. He wasn’t able to make it to the Super Bowl after losing to the Los Angeles Rams in the Divisional Round. So, clearly, he has big aspirations for his last season in football. Heck, he might just be on this ride for another two years who knows?

The one thing we do know, the best to ever throw a football is coming back for yet another season. He hasn’t shown signs of slowing down, so why not? You can never count out Brady.