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Aaron Jones Finds Medallion with Father’s Ashes After Losing It During Monstrous MNF Performance

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones lost his father in May and again on Monday night.

Alvin Jones Sr. died earlier this year after he contracted COVID-19. He was 56 years old. Jones had his father’s ashes interred in a football-shaped medallion that he wore on a necklace underneath his jersey. But the locket broke off and got lost at some point during Jones’ dominating performance on Monday Night Football, the New York Post reported.

Jones told ESPN’s Lisa Salters after the Packers 35-17 win at Lambeau Field that he wasn’t sure where he lost it. But he believes it came off when he caught a touchdown from quarterback Aaron Rodgers during the second quarter. Jones said he hoped to find it, but, if it was lost, he knows his dad would want to be left in the end zone.

“I’d go look for it, but I know he’s happy,” Jones said, “He’d be happy. ‘If you lose it anywhere, lose it in the end zone.'”

Jones told Salters that the grounds crew was looking for it after the game. Though, it is very small and dark-colored so it would be easy to miss, he said.

But thankfully, it was found.

Aaron Jones called into “The Steve Czaban Show” on 97.3 The Game and told the host that a team trainer stayed out on the field until nearly 2 a.m. CST to find it. The room erupted into applause at the news.

“It shows how much they care about us,” Jones said of the training staff.

Aaron Jones Says His Dad Is Still Watching Him Play

Monday Night was the first regular-season game at Lambeau Field for Aaron Jones since his dad died. His dad attended every home game and Jones said it would be tough to look up into the stands and not see him in his normal seat. But he knows his dad would still be watching him.

“He was at every game, and before the game, I would go to a certain spot where he was sitting. I’m still going to go there and have my moment with him,” Jones said in May, according to KTSM-TV. “I know he’s there; he’s got the best seat in the house. I know he’s up there watching me, and it’ll be special.”

To help him through that first game, Jones had 15 family members in the stands cheering him on, ESPN reported.

“I’m used to turning around and seeing my dad in the stands and just smiling to know everything is OK,” Aaron Jones said. “So when I was seeing them, I was good.”

Jones finished the game Mondauy with 115 total yards and four touchdowns — three receiving, one rushing.