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Aaron Rodgers Apparently Officiated His Packers Teammate’s Wedding

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)

Green Bay Packers superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers helped spread the love by officiating one of his teammate’s recent wedding. The 2021 NFL season only came to an end a few weeks ago but it’s already been an interesting offseason for Aaron Rodgers. Earlier this year, the All-Pro quarterback won his second consecutive MVP award as the league’s top player. At 38-years-old, Rodgers remains at the top of his game but where he will be playing next year is a big mystery. He’s voiced his displeasure with the Green Bay Packers and could be traded to another team before the 2022 NFL season kicks off.

What to Know

  • Aaron Rodgers assists teammate and friend, David Bakhtiari, by officiating his wedding.
  • The quarterback called off his own engagement to actress Shailene Woodley a short time ago.
  • Rodgers is expected to make a descision on his NFL future soon.

Aaron Rodgers will have plenty of time to make a decision on the 2022 season in the future. In the meantime, he’s added “officiating weddings” to his resume, according to TMZ. The quarterback presided over the wedding ceremony of his Green Bay Teammate, David Bakhtiari. As the Packers star left tackle, Bakhtiari protects Aaron Rodgers’ blindside. The quarterback returned the favor by pronouncing his teammate and bride to be as man and wife. The ceremony took place at Rosewood Miramar Hotel near Santa Barbara, California.

As for Aaron Rodgers’ own love life — his teammates won’t be officiating a wedding ceremony for him anytime soon. Rodgers and actress Shailene Woodley called off their engagement recently after less than two years together. The Green Bay quarterback began seeing Woodley after breaking it off with racing star Danica Patrick. They announced their engagement in February of 2021. Their breakup shocked many people as the couple was already talking about parenthood.

“I just think it’d be so fun,” Rodgers said last year. “I’ve dreamt about what that would be like and I’m really excited about that chapter whenever that comes.”

Aaron Rodgers Future With the Green Bay Packers Is Uncertain

While he no doubt had a beautiful time officiating a teammate’s wedding, Rodgers faces the biggest question of his career. Will he return to the Green Bay Packers or will he demand the team trade him to another team?

After his season came to an end, Rodgers said he hoped to make a decision before NFL free agency began. The new year and the start of free agency are just 10 days away.

“I’ve got some decisions to make for sure,” Rodgers told the NFL Network a few weeks ago. “I’m gonna enjoy the next couple of weeks. I’ve had good conversations with Green Bay and I’ll, you know, do some contemplating and then make a decision here pretty quick.”

His decision will have a huge effect on the entire NFL and the upcoming 2022 football season.