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Aaron Rodgers Brought Up Bizarre 9/11 Conspiracy Theories When Meeting DeShone Kizer

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Aaron Rodgers is a riddle wrapped in mystery inside an enigma. He’s already considered one of the most interesting quarterbacks in the NFL, but a former teammate unveiled another layer to the quarterback’s mystique.

Former Green Bay Packers quarterback DeShone Kizer made an appearance on The Breneman Show and talked about one of his first interactions with Rodgers. It was … strange, to say the least.

“[He] shut the door, and the first thing that comes out of Aaron Rodgers’ mouth was, ‘You believe in 9/11?’” Kizer said. When Kizer confirmed that he believed in the attacks, Rodgers responded with, “You should read up on that.”

After revealing the odd interaction, Kizer provided more context.

“Now we start learning about the playbook, and I’m like, wow, I don’t know where this is going,” Kizer said. “What it ended up being was a real thought experiment where he wanted me to go back and look into some of the conspiracies around it… We really bonded over that and started sharing some books and talking about some other things. Got into history, and business, and finance.”

Talk about a bizarre way to introduce yourself to a teammate. Kizer spent just one year with Rodgers in Green Bay (2018) before joining the Los Angeles/Las Vegas Raiders.

Fans Sound Off on Aaron Rodgers vs. Jordan Love

Who should be the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers? Typically, Aaron Rodgers wins that race. But because of the team’s struggles in 2022, some think it’s time to try something new.

The Packers own a disappointing 4-8 record this season. Rodgers left Sunday’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles after suffering an injury. That put Jordan Love into the spotlight. Some fans want to see what the youngster can do for the remainder of the season. Some don’t believe head coach Matt LaFleur will make the move, though.

“He knows if Rodgers wants to play he has to play him. Imagine the tantrum Rodgers would have.” one fan said.

Another fan added, “Can you ask LaFleur to step up and take control? Sit Rodgers, let him heal, get some quality looks at Love to see if he’s worth keeping.”

The 2022 season might already be lost for the Packers. What’s the harm in letting Love take some snaps over the next five games while Rodgers heals?