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Aaron Rodgers Calls Out Alma Mater Cal for Treatment of Jeff Tedford: ‘Deserves More’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Before Aaron Rodgers began his now 17-year career in the NFL, he played under coach Jeff Tedford as a California Golden Bear. With his old coach returning back to Cal for the game against Oregon State today, Rodgers has thoughts.

Apparently, the former Cal QB doesn’t feel his old school is doing enough to honor Tedford. He even took to Twitter to express his frustration. For him, a small moment between quarters is not doing enough to honor his legacy at the school. In 2001, before Tedford arrived, the team only won a single game. By 2004, they had a 10-1 record.

Look at Rodgers’ tweet below.

“Probably deserves more than a last minute thrown together between quarter wave. Coach is a legend, and the reason myself and so many came and thrived @Cal #MyCoach #RespectForALegend #GoBears,” Aaron Rodgers said on Twitter.

Probably the only time he is ever going to be using that last hashtag, that’s for sure.

By the time Jeff Tedford arrived at Cal, things were looking bleak. They had just finished with one win in 2001 and there wasn’t much going on for the program. However, Tedford turned things around. Not only did he get recruits like Aaron Rodgers to come play for him, but he also put results on the field.

In 2004, the Bears had a 10-1 record and were one of the best teams in the country. The only loss came to the national champions USC. By the time it was all said and done, they finished the year ranked No.4 in the country. Rodgers’ old coach has the most bowl wins, conference wins, and games coach in the history of the school. He coached 40 NFL draft picks including 8 first-rounders.

Perhaps Aaron Rodgers is right, the coaching GOAT is coming back, put on a halftime show for him, or bust.

Aaron Rogers Makes Headlines After Late Hit

Being an NFL QB can be a hard job many times. Especially when you are getting tackled by a guy with the strength of a small car. Over the years, Aaron Rodgers has taken some nasty hits. However, this latest hit was pretty rough. The QB’s reaction after is evidence enough of that.

In usual Rodgers fashion, he packed the Packers on his back and delivered excellence. Against the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday Night Football, a big late hit took down the veteran passer. Despite taking the hit, he was able to deliver the ball perfectly into the endzone. Seriously, how does he do it?

Aaron Rodgers took the hit and went to the ground. His helmet was almost knocked clean off his head, but he managed to keep it on. He watched as the ball soared and got up once he saw the touchdown had happened. I wouldn’t want to trade places with him, that’s for sure.