Aaron Rodgers Caught Cursing Out Center on Hot Mic, Tony Romo’s Reaction Is Priceless

by Dustin Schutte
Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Perhaps the greatest gift to NFL fans are hot mics. They also might be the greatest nemesis to quarterbacks in the league. This week’s “victim” was Green Bay Packers leader Aaron Rodgers, who was caught screaming some NSFW words at his center.

During the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots, Rodgers wanted to catch the defense off guard with a quick snap. Unfortunately for the Packers, the center didn’t snap the ball in time.

Rodgers was livid.

A hot mic captured Rodgers’ message to his center, which was quick and too the point. “Snap the f—— ball!” Rodgers yelled, which then was heard by viewers all across the country.

The best part might’ve been the reaction of former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and CBS analyst Tony Romo. He provided a TV-friendly breakdown of what Rodgers said to his center.

There’s a reason Romo makes the big bucks broadcasting these games. Even in these moments, it’s pure gold.

Aaron Rodgers Provides Excitement During a “Sleepy” Slate

Aaron Rodgers might’ve woken some NFL fans up from their slumber on Sunday afternoon. While it’s hard to complain too much when football is on our TVs, several were upset with the league over this week’s late-afternoon slate.

Only three games were scheduled in the 3 p.m. CT slot in Week 4. None of those games were particularly interesting, prompting plenty of social media responses.

“This afternoon slate of games is a total snooze fest,” one social media user wrote.

“I thank the NFL for caring enough about me to provide nap-worthy material in the afternoon slate,” another said.

Maybe Rodgers actually did the league a favor on Sunday. If fans really took a nap during those afternoon games, they were almost certainly awoken when the quarterback yelled out expletives at his center.