Aaron Rodgers’ Fiancée Shailene Woodley Says the NFL Quarterback is Teaching Her a ‘Whole New World’

by Josh Lanier

Shailene Woodley said Aaron Rodgers is teaching her the game of football, but it’s not going great. At least, she said, she enjoys watching him play.

Woodley was on Late Night with Seth Meyers earlier this week when the topic came up. The Divergent actress said there has been a big learning curve in understanding what’s happening on the field. Even though her fiance, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, hasn’t pressed her to watch his games.

“I guess I haven’t felt any pressure to, but it’s exciting,” Woodley said. “The Packers games are the only ones I find really interesting because I have people to actually root for.”

“But it is a whole new world, learning all of the different — I still am always, ‘Oh, you scored a goal.’ He’s like, ‘It’s a touchdown.’ Or I’ll be like, ‘You crossed the line,’ and he’s like, ‘It’s a yard,’ or whatever,'” she admitted. “I still can’t get it right, but I’m learning, slowly but surely.”

Shailene Woodley said Rodgers has been patient and stalwart in helping her learn the sport. She said he had a similar approach when he hosted Jeopardy! earlier this month.

“When I would get home at 8 or 9 p.m., he would still be watching Jeopardy!” she remembered. “And I would open the trash can, and I would just see like a bunch of empty to-go containers and milkshake cups that he had ordered on Uber Eats, and I was like, ‘You literally Uber Eat’d and watched Jeopardy! all day long today.’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, look at my notes.’ And he had stacks of notebooks of notes that he took and highlighted and went back through. It was actually really inspiring.”

They even practiced the game at home to prep for the real show.

Shailene Woodley Talks Secret Engagement Plans

In a sprawling interview for her upcoming movie The Last Letter From Your Lover in The Hollywood Reporter, Shailene Woodley described falling in love with Rodgers. And why things moved so quickly — and secretly.

“Starting a relationship where you immediately move in with someone — because it’s a pandemic and you can’t just get on a plane and go back and forth on weekends — taught us a lot about each other very quickly,” she told the magazine. “We jumped in headfirst and got some of the sticky bits out of the way early.”

But while they rushed to get engaged, they’re in no hurry to get married, she said. They’re taking their time. Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers were engaged for months before Rodgers made it public during his NFL MVP acceptance speech.

“When we announced that we were engaged, we wanted to do that only because we didn’t want someone else to do it before we did. And we didn’t do it for months and months after we had become engaged, but the reaction to it was really a lot, and so we were like, ‘Let’s just politely decline [to talk about the relationship for a little while and live in our little bubble.’”