Aaron Rodgers Offered Free Burgers and Beer For Life from Green Bay Restaurant If He Stays with Packers

by Will Shepard

Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. More importantly, that sentiment rings true with the Green Bay Packers fan base. Even the Packers brass has understood how true that is after watching him win the MVP award last season.

But, the team is in hot water now with the idea that their star quarterback does not want to return to the team. Recently, there has been a lot of talk about how Aaron Rodgers may be leaving town soon. One Green Bay restaurant is doing all it can to entice its favorite player to stick around.

Mr. Brews Taphouse said that it will give the superstar and his finacée, Shailene Woodley, free food and beer for life. The caveat, however, is that Aaron Rodgers has to continue wearing the Packers’ green and yellow.

The founder and CEO, Steve Day, said in a news release that he wants the quarterback to stay. A couple of days ago, he spoke to the local newspaper about the star player staying in Green Bay.

“Seriously, we can’t let Aaron go,” the Green Bay Press Gazette reported. “No way, no how. Not only is he coming off yet another MVP season, but he is the face of our beloved franchise.”

A Green Bay Restaurant Owner Hopes That Aaron Rodgers Will Stay With the Packers

In August 2018, Aaron Rodgers signed a contract for four more years. The contract is worth $134 million, but that wasn’t a factor in Day’s commitment to free food and beverages.

Although the quarterback is worth a ton of money, the restaurant owner wants to entice the Packers quarterback to stay put.

“We can offer him and Shailene a delicious meal and great brews whenever they like,” Day implored. “Come on, Aaron, please stay.”

Aaron Rodgers has been with the Packers since he was drafted by the team in 2005. He helped the team win Super Bowl XLV in 2011. That game he was given the honor of being the Super Bowl MVP.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback has three MVP awards to his name. Losing him would almost certainly be a tremendous blow to the team and the city.

Last year, Rodgers made his feelings about the team’s general manager explicitly clear. He was upset when Brian Gutekunst released wide receiver Jake Kumerow in 2019. His feelings soured even further after the 2020 draft when the team took quarterback Jordan Love in the first round.

But, there are a lot of people around the NFL who think that Rodgers needs to go about this differently. Terry Bradshaw is one of his critics in this

Reports of Rodgers wanting out of Green Bay have attracted criticism, including some from retired Pittsburgh Steelers legend Terry Bradshaw.

Bradshaw said that Aaron Rodgers “should just retire and go do Jeopardy!” Additionally, the former Steelers quarterback said that his statements about the team make him look bad.

While it’s doubtful that Mr. Brews’ offer will have an impact on the quarterback’s decision, it can’t hurt. Who doesn’t want free beer and free burgers for life?