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Aaron Rodgers on Having Fans Back at Lambeau: ‘Definitely a Little Emotional’

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

Lambeau Field got off to a rocking start for the NFC Divisional Playoff game this past Saturday (Jan. 16). In the fourth quarter, the 7,439 fans began chanting “M-V-P” to Aaron Rodgers.

The crowd was going crazy, making as much noise as possible during the 32-18 victory over the Rams. After the game, Aaron Rodgers says that he got a little emotional having people back in the stadium watching the game.

“It felt like 50,000 when we ran out of the tunnel. It really did. It was such a special moment. I forgot how much you truly, truly miss having a crowd there.”

Not only was Rodgers appreciative of having fans back, but also every Packer who spoke to the media said the same thing. They all say that the crowd felt massive, not that it was under 10,000 people.

Fans were spread out all around Lambeau field, making certain not to have any empty sections. The Packers were allowed to have a relatively small audience after testing out a few hundred fans per game in the second half of the season.

Even the Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur says that at 10% capacity, it made a big difference on the game. He says that it was really helpful for the players to have home-field advantage again.

“That definitely made a big difference. I think our guys really fed off their energy.”

Aaron Rodgers Talks About Having Fans Back at Lambeau Field

Not only was it special to have fans back in the stadium for the game, but it also marks the first time in Rodgers’ career that the Packers with be hosting the NFC Championship game.

Rodgers and the Packers will be playing either the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the New Orleans Saints next Sunday. Again, this will be the first NFC title game at Lambeau in thirteen years.

The Packers will get to have whatever weather comes their way, hopefully boosting Rodgers’ ability to beat Tom Brady or Drew Brees.

Rodgers has yet to play a home game past the divisional round in the playoffs. All of his victories have come on the road from the divisional round on, with his first NFC Championship game win coming in Chicago 10 years ago. However, in the last three attempts at road game NFC title games, the Packers have lost three straight.

This coming Sunday’s game marks the highest-stakes home game of Rodgers’ career. He certainly won’t be taking the game lightly.

Additionally, Rodgers says that he will be talking more about the NFC title game during this coming week. But after this week’s game, he wanted to just soak up the moment and enjoy the win. Certainly, it comes as no surprise that Rodgers is a big fan of having fans back in the stadium. It seems fitting that he take the time to soak up the win.

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