Aaron Rodgers Reportedly Had Certain Conditions on His Return to Green Bay Packers

by Madison Miller

Aaron Rodgers isn’t throwing in the towel on his NFL quarterback life and retiring to a simple lifestyle of “Jeopardy!” loving, although he had certainly convinced many people of that alternative reality.

Over the past few months, it had seemed like Aaron Rodgers and his current team, the Green Bay Packers, had come to a sort of stalemate. The Green Bay Packers were not willing to let Rodgers leave or accept offers from any other teams. Meanwhile, Rodgers was refusing to return to the team at all.

Packers And Rodgers Possible Agreement

This past weekend, the two bickering sides reportedly finally reached a resolution. The two seemed to create new terms that are persuading Rodgers to stay. They are also close to getting Aaron Rodgers to go to training camp, although he originally planned to abandon the pre-season tradition.

Rodgers is in Green Bay, so it seems like an agreement of some kind is in the near future. Regardless, Rodgers is clearly ready to return, although he created a lot of drama in his time away.

According to ESPN, Rodgers sticking with the Packers comes with a fine line of terms and conditions. Clearly, he had plenty of things that were getting under his skin playing for the team.

One condition includes voiding the 2023 contract year, which is the last in his contract as of now. There would be no tags allowed in the future. The contract would also force the Packers to review Rodger’s “situation” at the end of this upcoming season.

One of Aaron Rodger’s concerns was that the Packers would adjust his income in order to put more budget toward other players to strengthen the team. Given this agreement, he wouldn’t lose money, but he would be giving more cap room to the team. The Packers want to sign wide receiver Davante Adams to an extension.

“Rodgers’ contract would be adjusted with no loss of income to give the Packers more cap room now,” the condition reads.

Aaron Rodgers At Training

Lastly, there would be certain mechanisms in place that would address Rodger’s many issues with the Packers team and coaching staff. In many ways, if the Packers agree to this, Rodgers is definitely getting the bigger end of the stick. He will get one of the things he was looking for the most — freedom to select where he would play in the 2022 season.

The agreement seems to suggest that if Rodgers feels the same way at the end of this season, the Packers will trade him. Aaron Rodgers would start his 17th season with the Packers, which is something no Green Bay quarterback has ever done before.

According to USA Today, Rodgers made it to training camp Tuesday, July 27 at Lambeau Field. He was seen in the parking lot and exiting a COVID-19 testing trailer. If he didn’t show for training, Rodgers would have gotten a $50,000 per day fine for his absences. The Packers’ first practice is on Wednesday, although it’s unsure if he will be present for that as well.

Aaron Rodgers, for the first time ever, missed mandatory minicamp as well as voluntary organized activities with the team.