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Aaron Rodgers Reveals ‘Spoiler Alert’ of ‘Happy Gilmore’ State Farm Commercial

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Aaron Rodgers appeared on “The Pat McAfee Show.” The two gridiron veterans discussed several topics including Rodgers’ ads for State Farm. During their discussion, the Packers’ QB gave some insight into the latest golf-themed insurance ad.

Aaron Rodgers Really Plays Golf

Aaron Rodgers is known for his skill on the field. The record-breaking QB has more than earned his gridiron accolades. However, football isn’t the only sport that he is passionate about. It turns out that he not only enjoys the game but is fairly good at it.

In an interview with, Rodgers said that his handicap is 3.5. He also comments on playing other football greats like Tony Romo and Tom Brady. When asked if he ever wishes he played pro golf after a hard sack, he said no. Rodgers says that he has too much respect for the incredible skill of pro golfers to think like that.

Later in that same interview, the discussion turned to Rodgers’ acting career. He has appeared in “Game of Thrones”, “The Office”, and “Key and Peele”. His favorite roles, however, are his State Farm ads. Of the ads, he said, “I get to be dry and funny, and to be the butt of some jokes.”

The Long Ball State Farm Ad

The commercial opens with Rodgers playing a round of golf with Jake from State Farm. Before taking his shot, the QB thanks Jake for the “Rodgers rate” he got on his insurance. He says he’s so pleased with his rate that he just might let Jake win.

When he is inevitably informed that the rate is available to anyone, Rodgers changes his tune. He switches clubs for a driver and, as McAfee put it, slaughters the golf ball.

On McAfee’s show, Rodgers lets some behind the scenes information slip. The golf balls used in the shot were small plastic balls as opposed to real golf balls. The scene was also shot in front of a green screen. He did, however, nail it on the first take.

Rodgers went on to assure listeners that everyone was safe on-set. All COVID-19 precautions were taken to ensure health and safety. This was probably good news for Green Bay fans. Other teams have recently struggled with COVID-19 outbreaks.