Aaron Rodgers Roasts David Bakhtiari, Mentions Underwhelming Gift: ‘It Wasn’t Even Brand New’

by Will Shepard

Aaron Rodgers seems like a betting lock for NFL MVP this year. But, he takes about an hour out of every Tuesday to join “The Pat McAfee Show” to talk about all things football.

There’s a running joke on the show that Rodgers says his offensive tackle, David Bakhtiari, gives him horrible gifts. More importantly, though, this year, Rodgers has been talking about the gift he wants to be given.

Rodgers consistently talks about how he wants Bakhtiari to step up his gift-giving. He almost always mentions that because he has a massive deal with the Green Bay Packers, his gifts need to be way better. In particular, Rodgers has been saying that he wants a brand new Aston Martin from Bakhtiari.

Rodgers Getting an Aston Martin for Christmas

Pat McAfee always obliges the conversation. But, this week, Rodgers says that Christmas gift was actually waiting in the driveway for him. However, there is an important caveat to note about the gift.

Even though Rodgers gives Bakhtiari credit for actually getting his quarterback an Aston, it seems like the car was used. He says that the car is a model Aston Martin. So, not only did Bakhtiari not get him a brand new car, the offensive tackle got him a model car.

“It’s a model Aston Martin that looked like it was used as well. So, it wasn’t even a new model that he spent time putting together from Hobby Lobby or Michael’s or something.”

No matter the outcome of the gift-giving, the entirety of this running joke is hilarious. Whether or not Rodgers was actually expecting a $200,000 car is up for interpretation. But, he adds that Bakhtiari is supposedly getting him another gift as well.

“I have to contractually tell you guys that he, supposedly, is getting me a golf cart… It’s supposed to be souped-up, I don’t know if it’s an Aston Martin golf cart, but I will say that I am excited about it.”

So, perhaps next week Rodgers will talk about how underwhelming the golf cart is.