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Aaron Rodgers Says ‘I Love Beating Chicago’ After Historic Performance, NFL Fans Go Wild

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

Aaron Rodgers is making history, again. The Green Bay Packer quarterback had a banner game on Sunday and is feeling some sort of way about the victory.

According to Bleacher Report on Twitter, Rodgers shared a certain comment after the Chicago Bears game.

He says, “I love beating Chicago.”

The tweet reads, “Aaron Rodgers is now 20-5 all-time vs. the Bears. (19-5 regular season, 1-0 playoffs).”

Rogers didn’t only help his team to a win against the Bears, but he notched another achievement on his belt. The quarterback has now surpassed 50-thousand passing yards. As a matter of fact, those passing yards helped write his name in the history book again.

Of course, the Green Bay franchise is bragging about their all-star quarterback. They’re sharing some stats from Sunday’s game and write “Another MVP performance from @AaronRodgers12.”

This is the fifth time this season that Rodgers has thrown four touchdowns in-game. Furthermore, the Packer’s now leading the league with 33 touchdowns passed on the season, ProFootball Talk reports.

The NFL Network is calling out Rodgers’ record-breaking performance in this tweet. He’s the 11th quarterback to reach this milestone.

Aaron Rodgers Reacts to Record

Rodgers had some additional thoughts after the game. According to ProFootball Talk, the quarterback said that he feels “super-comfortable” in the offense, He also believes “the beauty in this year is the subtleties of simplicity,” referring to head coach Matt LaFleur’s techniques that he implemented in the offseason.

Furthermore, LaFleur shared his thoughts about the man’s-man. “This is as good as I’ve ever seen anybody play,” LaFleur told the

“Just his ability to go out there and get us in the right looks and, shoot, even when I make a bad call, he definitely makes us look good. So that’s a credit to him. In my eyes, he’s an MVP player. No doubt about it. And I wouldn’t want any other quarterback on our football team.”

The win over the Chicago Bears ended with a 41-25 score.