Aaron Rodgers Shares Thoughts on Playing in Green Bay Packers’ Preseason Games

by Patrick Norton

As the grizzled veteran of the NFC North, Aaron Rodgers certainly does not have to participate in the Green Bay Packers’ preseason contests. Entering year 15 as an NFL starting quarterback, nobody can question his talents. The need to kick the rust is significantly less as he maintains his shape and health.

At 38 years old – with 449 touchdowns and 55,360 passing yards under his belt – preserving the body for a lengthy regular season and likely postseason makes the most sense. Rodgers hasn’t stepped foot into preseason action since 2018.

However, with a brand new receiving corps and modified offensive line, some believe it’s in the team’s best interest. But an outside perspective won’t change the quarterback’s mind. Speaking to the media on Tuesday during camp, Rodgers said, “I don’t see any benefit to it.”

When the questions skewed toward playing just one series with his new teammates, Rodgers doubled down. “I definitely don’t see any benefit to playing one series. If we’re going to play, we should play and play a quarter, a couple of series, two to three series. Just suiting up for four plays, to me, is a waste.”

However, Rodgers and head coach Matt LaFleur appear on different pages nearing exhibition action. LaFleur ruled Rodgers out of participation through Week 2 of the preseason, but didn’t make a call for the finale against Kansas City.

Meanwhile, Rodgers emphatically shared that his comments aren’t toward the staff. “I’m not saying this to send a message to Matt. I’ve already told Matt the same thing.”

Aaron Rodgers R-E-L-A-X-ed Heading into 18th NFL Season

Regardless of when Rodgers graces the field for the first time, one thing is clear: He feels comfortable. While Davante Adams moving on from the organization stings from a production standpoint, Rodgers’ capabilities from the quarterback position significantly eases the pain.

For No. 12, the receiving corps in Green Bay might not appear great on paper, but it could be worse. Allen Lazard brings a sense of familiarity, but with a significantly heavier reliance. Sammy Watkins could bounce back in a larger role than in Kansas City. And the team believes in the abilities of second-round selection Christian Watson.

Lending to his chilled demeanor, Rodgers appeared on Barstool Sports’ Pardon My Take podcast on Monday, joking about a specific incident in Chicago last season. Boasting “I still own you” to a group of mind-numbingly angry Bears fans, Rodgers takes pride in conquering the NFC North on a regular basis.

In Monday’s interview, when asked why he enjoys beating up on the Bears so much, Rodgers responded with tremendous respect. “Because it’s a great sports town,” the quarterback said.

“If we’re beating up on a town that doesn’t have great sports history, it’s just another win. Chicago is Chicago. You have 100 years of Bears football, you have the Chicago Bulls – and I grew up a Bulls fan.”