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Aaron Rodgers Speaks on Jordan Love After Injury on Sunday Night Football

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

There might be a chasm amongst Green Bay Packers fans about the quarterback situation, but that’s not the case in the locker room. Aaron Rodgers recently discussed his relationship with Jordan Love, and why he enjoys watching the youngster perform well.

Rodgers left Green Bay’s Sunday night game against Philadelphia in the third quarter due to injury. That put Love into the spotlight in a primetime contest. Though the Packers lost, the backup QB performed well, completing six of his nine passes for 113 yards and a touchdown.

Tuesday, Rodgers joined the Pat McAfee Show and opened up about his relationship with Love.

“It was really nice to watch,” Rodgers said. “I feel like an older brother watching him do well. I care about the kid a lot. Fun to see his growth and just kinda relax out there.”

Because of the injury to Rodgers during Sunday Night Football, some fans believe it’s time to give Love a shot as the starter. Whether or not head coach Matt LaFleur will pull the trigger is a different matter.

“(LaFleur) knows if Rodgers wants to play he has to play him. Imagine the tantrum Rodgers would have,” one fan said.

There are only five games left in the season and the Packers sit at 4-8. If there’s ever a time to give a backup some good reps, now might be it.

Aaron Rodgers’ Strange Conversation with DeShone Kizer

While we’re on the topic of Aaron Rodgers … one of his former teammates, DeShone Kizer, revealed something interesting about the four-time NFL MVP. It had to do with one of their first interactions as teammates.

In a recent appearance on The Breneman Show, Kizer talked about one of the first conversations the two quarterbacks had when he arrived in Green Bay.

“[He] shut the door, and the first thing that comes out of Aaron Rodgers’ mouth was, ‘You believe in 9/11?’” Kizer said. When Kizer confirmed that he believed in the attacks, Rodgers responded with, “You should read up on that.”

After dropping that nugget on the show, Kizer provided some more context.

“Now we start learning about the playbook, and I’m like, wow, I don’t know where this is going,” Kizer said. “What it ended up being was a real thought experiment where he wanted me to go back and look into some of the conspiracies around it… We really bonded over that and started sharing some books and talking about some other things. Got into history, and business, and finance.”

That could potentially be one of the most bizarre ways to get acquainted with a new teammate. But, Rodgers is regarded as one of the more interesting personalities in the NFL. Is it really that weird from him?