CHECK IT OUT: Aaron Rodgers Surprises Boys & Girls Club Group During Tour of Lambeau Field

by Bryan Fyalkowski

Last month, Green Bay Packers running back A.J. Dillon surprised a Lambeau Field tour group with a meet-and-greet. On Wednesday, another tour group got a surprise visit – this time from Aaron Rodgers.

While walking around inside the stadium near the locker room, a bunch of children from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Washington County got to meet the living legend Rodgers. He went up to the group and asked jokingly: “Can you help me find Aaron Rodgers’ locker?”

After they posed for a photo, Rodgers gave high-fives all around and went his merry way.

By taking only a few minutes out of his day, Rodgers gave these children a lifetime memory. Just a bit of effort truly goes a long way. The interactions were captured by local media members Nicole Menner and Doug Russell.

Aaron Rodgers Admits He Loves ‘Owning’ the Chicago Bears

Although these Packers fans are young, there is no doubt they are being taught to hate the Chicago Bears. Over the course of his esteemed NFL career, Aaron Rodgers has cemented himself into Green Bay lore by running up a 23-5 record against the team’s biggest rival.

On this week’s episode of Barstool Sports’ Pardon My Take podcast, “Big Cat” – who is a notoriously enormous Chicago sports fan – asked Rodgers if he takes extra pride in consistently beating the Bears.

“Yes,” Rodgers responded with a smirk. “Because it’s a great sports town. If we’re beating up on a town that doesn’t have great sports history, it’s just another win. Chicago is Chicago. You have 100 years of Bears football, you have the Chicago Bulls – and I grew up a Bulls fan.”

And who can forget last season at Soldier Field, when Rodgers scored a rushing touchdown and screamed up at the crowd: “I’ve owned you all my f—ing life. I own you. I still own you.”

“Sometimes you black out, in a good way,” Rodgers said at the time. “I looked up into the stands and all I saw was a woman giving me the double bird. So I’m not sure exactly what came out of my mouth next.”