Aaron Rodgers’ Teammates Reportedly Not Happy With QB’s Attitude

by Dustin Schutte
Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

As if the 3-6 record wasn’t enough of an indication, there are reports surfacing that there might be some trouble in the Green Bay Packers locker room. A recent report from ESPN indicates that a few of Aaron Rodgers‘ teammates might be getting a little tired of the quarterback.

Particularly, it’s reported that a few guys in the locker room have grown tired of hearing Rodgers use young wide receivers as scapegoats for offensive struggles.

“That some of the young wide receivers have been painted as scapegoats for the Packers’ problems, despite Aaron Rodgers’ absence during OTAs, which isn’t sitting well with some there,” ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler wrote.

Rodgers hasn’t shied away from criticizing Green Bay’s offense or its struggles through the first nine games. He also seems to deflect a lot of the blame to some of the younger players on the roster.

Maybe Rodgers, a four-time league MVP, doesn’t see the problem, but NFL fans do. Many have chimed in on social media criticizing the quarterback, saying they’re also getting fed up with his attitude. Even music star Lil Wayne, a well-known Packers fan, said the team should’ve traded the quarterback in the offseason.

Green Bay’s troubles came to a head last weekend, falling 15-9 to a bad Detroit Lions team. This week, the Packers hope to bounce back in a home game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Aaron Rodgers Takes Shot at Lions After Loss

Intentional or not, Aaron Rodgers took a shot at the Detroit Lions following Green Bay’s embarrassing loss on Sunday. There was certainly a lot of truth in his comment, but something that will continue to be aired as long as the Packers’ struggles continue.

“Can’t lose a game like that against that team,” Rodgers said after the game. “So, that’s gonna hurt for a while.”

Sunday’s loss to Detroit marked the fifth-straight for Green Bay. The team’s last win came on Oct. 2, a 27-24 victory over the New England Patriots.

Most of Green Bay’s losses came at the hands of quality opponents — falling to the Giants, Jets, Commanders and Bills. Things took a turn for the worse after a dreadful performance against the Lions.

How will Green Bay respond this weekend?