Aaron Rodgers Tells Ridiculous Story of Time Fan Dumped ‘Substance’ Mid-Field

by Suzanne Halliburton

Aaron Rodgers misses the fans. The Covid-19 pandemic has kept most everyone away from the stadiums, whether it’s Lambeau Field or some other venue.

As a result, you don’t get the full NFL experience. You know, the true crazy, zany weirdness, otherwise known as passion.

Rodgers is a beloved figure in Wisconsin and one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. In his 15 seasons, he’s seen it all. Each week this season, he talks to Pat McAfee for McAfee’s podcast. McAfee is the former punter for the Indianapolis Colts and part-time pro wrestler who is now an analyst for both sports.

The Topic This Week For Aaron Rodgers — Best Fan Stories

This week’s topic focused on fans, the good, the bad and the weird. Green Bay is famous for its devoted fan base. It’s the smallest NFL city, yet the waiting list to buy season tickets has 130,000 names on it. It can be a 30-year wait. The string of consecutive sellouts dates back to 1960.

Fans grill bratwursts at tailgates outside the stadium, then don their cheese heads and settle into their seats to cheer on the Packers. Players who score touchdowns do the “Lambeau Leap,” aka, jump into the stands to celebrate with the fans.

Rodgers loves to play in Green Bay.

But McAfee asked him about the oddities he’s witnessed at other venues, the jeers he’ s heard. He once got clocked in the helmet by a battery. There was that time a fan in Philadelphia heckled him throughout the game.

“Get the splinters out your ass,” the fan told Rodgers, who was only a backup at the time. Rodgers said he finally turned around and gave the fan a thumbs up.

And then there was that other time of ultimate weirdness, aka passion.

“In Philly,” Aaron Rodgers told Pat McAfee. “Somebody ran on the field and dumped a substance at midfield.”

So what was it?

“Turned out to be his mother’s ashes,” Rodgers said.

That’s some multi-generational devotion to the Eagles.

What about at home in Green Bay?

“At Lambeau (Field), as well, you never know,” Rodgers said. “There’ hasn’t been any dongs out, but there’s been some speedos and some streakers.”

Rodgers and the Packers are closing the regular season on the road against the Chicago Bears this Sunday. The quarterback is coming off a four-touchdown performance in the Packers mauling of the Tennessee Titans. A win over the Bears gives Green Bay the top seed in the NFC playoffs.

If only more fans could see the game in person to give such a game the appropriate amount of crazy passion.

Check out Rodgers entire interview with McAfee: