Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones Speaks Out After Bar Fight Arrest

by Chris Haney

During the early hours of Monday morning, police arrested former NFL cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones after he allegedly got into a bar fight.

Law enforcement booked Jones, 37, just before 2 a.m. this morning in Hamilton County, Ohio. Supposedly, he beat a person unconscious and police charged him with one count of misdemeanor assault. According to court documents obtained by WCPO, the cornerback is accused of punching and kicking a bouncer in the head until he knocked him out.

Only hours after police released Jones from jail, he joined The Pat McAfee Show to share his side of the story. Jones has a history of run-ins with the law but said the bar’s bouncer was the aggressor, which led to the brawl. Jones explained that he went to request songs from the DJ. When he turned around, he saw the bouncer fighting with his little brother.

Jones described the brawl by saying the bouncer and his brother were on the ground in a tussle. Therefore, the former NFL star took action and separated the pair. Then, things escalated as the bouncer and others started throwing chairs and punches at Jones and his brother.

Pacman Jones Claims Self-Defense in Bar Brawl

Pacman Jones did admit to getting into a physical altercation with the bouncer but is claiming self-defense. Additionally, he added that he was not drunk and is confident that security camera footage at the bar will prove his side of the story.

“On the record, the reason why I’m not drinking out in public [is] because of situations like this,” Jones explained.

“Personally, Pat. I’m done fighting, bro,” Jones said to Pat McAfee on his show. “Unless somebody wants to pay me, [then] I’m cool with it. I’ll fight any celebrity, 169 – 170 [pounds]. But I’ve got kids, I’ve got so much other s–t that I’m working on besides beating [people] up in the club.”

This isn’t the first time Pacman Jones has been arrested. He’s been arrested on multiple occasions over the last few years and during his NFL career. In 2019, he blew up at an Indiana casino after being accused of cheating. Court documents stemming from his subsequent arrest said that he threatened police as they confronted him in the casino.

Jones took a plea deal from prosecutors agreeing to one felony count of cheating at gambling. In addition, he accepted a misdemeanor for resisting law enforcement. He served 10 days in jail for his offenses.

He also was in an infamous airport fight where he knocked another man out inside a terminal. Although in that case, officials cleared Jones of any wrongdoing.

The ex-cornerback retired from the NFL in 2019 after 13 seasons in the league. The Tennessee Titans selected Jones with their 1st round pick in the 2005 NFL Draft. He earned one Pro Bowl selection and one All-Pro team honor during his NFL career.