CHECK IT OUT: Adam Sandler Congratulates ‘Happy Gilmore’ Caddie Look-Alike Will Zalatoris on First PGA Tour Win

by Bryan Fyalkowski

Adam Sandler and Will Zalatoris will forever be connected through the 1996 golf classic Happy Gilmore.

In the movie, Gilmore’s first round of golf is in the Waterbury Open. He is walking to the tee when a scraggly, blonde-haired caddie comes up behind him and grabs his golf bag. Gilmore tackles him because he did not know what a caddie was. The kid introduces himself, but instead of having him carry his grandfather’s antique clubs, Gilmore asks him to: “Watch me and make sure I don’t do anything stupid.”

Seconds later, Gilmore’s playing partner wants to tee off and he does not realize he has to get out of the way. The gallery laughs, and then Gilmore walks over to his caddie and asks: “Where were ya on that one, dips—?”

Zalatoris burst onto the national scene in 2021 when he finished second at The Masters. While receiving some major screen time throughout the weekend at Augusta National, his familiar appearance caught the eye of Sandler. The actor tweeted a side-by-side picture mash-up of Zalatoris and the caddie from the movie with a good luck message going into the final round.

Later that night, Zalatoris leaned into the joke and quote-tweeted with a hilarious response.

Little did Sandler know, the then-24-year-old had been embracing the joke for a while. He had “MR. GILMORE, IM YOUR CADDY (sic)” engraved on one of his Titleist wedges.

Since then, Zalatoris has been the runner-up in two other major championships, but had never won on the PGA Tour. Until this Sunday.

Adam Sandler Tunes Into Will Zalatoris’ First PGA Tour Victory

On Sunday at the FedEx St. Jude Championship, Will Zalatoris claimed his first PGA Tour title and Adam Sandler appeared on his Twitter feed.

“It’s kind of hard to say ‘about time’ when it’s your second year on TOUR … But about time,” Zalatoris said after the round.

Zalatoris’ most recent tweet was a statement on June 30 squashing rumors of the young star leaving the PGA Tour for LIV Golf. Whenever he logs back in next, expect another great reply to Sandler.