Adam Schefter Says He’ll Race Chiefs Speedster Tyreek Hill: ‘This Is Happening Post COVID’

by Clayton Edwards

Twitter has delivered yet another reason to anticipate the end of COVID-19 restrictions. Earlier today, sports journalist, NFL Insider, and host of “The Adam Schefter Podcast” agreed to race Tyreek Hill.

The Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver is famous for his lightning-fast speed. In fact, Hill was clocked running nearly 23 miles per hour during a game earlier this month. The estimated maximum speed for a human is 28 miles per hour, which puts Hill near the front of the pack when it comes to sheer speed.

How Did We Get Here?

The light-hearted exchange started with a tweet from Chiefs Daily which read, “Your first @ has to race you with football pads on. Who wins?” Apparently, Schefter was at the top of Hill’s list.

Adam Schefter: Fan Favorite

While Hill, whose Twitter handle is @Cheetah, might be one of the fastest men in the game right now, the NFL Insider Schefter is a clear favorite to win. At least, that’s the opinion of Twitter followers of both contenders.

Schefter is may be best known for his sports journalism and injury reports but his recent book shows that there is much more to him. The book, titled “The Man I Never Met: A Memoir” discusses his wife’s previous husband, his death in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and the family that they’ve built. It is a story of both loss and hope and a look into the life of the NFL Insider and his family.