Adam Thielen Spits Out ‘Dry’ Turducken on Live TV After Thanksgiving Win Over Patriots: VIDEO

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by David Berding/Getty Images)

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen didn’t seem to enjoy the NBC turducken tradition as much as his teammates did. The star receiver took a bite of turkey leg, as is tradition for members of the winning team of NBC’s Thanksgiving game. However, Thielen spit out the turkey on live television, making it clear to everyone that he didn’t enjoy it.

“It’s a little dry,” Thielen said as he laughed. He then turned around and spit out the food in front of millions of viewers at home. That can’t feel great for the culinary team at NBC. You can watch the hilarious interaction below.

The video opens with Thielen discussing the importance of playing on Thanksgiving in Minnesota. The 32-year-old grew up in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota and played college football at Minnesota State.

As Thielen begins to discuss his family, he can’t help but notice the lack of moisture in the turkey. “Yeah I mean, to be able to play here on Thanksgiving at home, with all the family here, ready for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night—as I’ve got turkey in my mouth.”

Then, he goes on to claim the turkey is “a little dry.”

Later on in the turducken interview with Kirk Cousins, Adam Thielen, and Justin Jefferson, Jefferson reveals that he can’t take a bite of his turkey leg because he’s wearing grills on his teeth. Thielen jokes with Jefferson, saying that he has the same dilemma.

This comes after the reporter asked Kirk Cousins a question about his recent viral videos sporting the chains and necklaces of fellow Vikings teammates.

Late Adam Thielen Touchdown Secures Victory for Minnesota

Clearly, the 9-2 Minnesota Vikings are a friendly bunch with each other. However, the Vikings continue to prove they’re a legitimate Super Bowl contender with each impressive performance.

The Vikings advanced to 9-2 on the season, and the Patriots fell to 6-5. The final game of the NFL’s Thanksgiving triple-header was an exciting one that ended 33-26.

After being held to field goals in Week 11, both of these offenses found the need to regroup in a big way. Both offenses marched down the field to score early touchdowns. Minnesota went 80 yards on eight plays to score a touchdown on the opening drive of the night.

Then, New England quarterback Mac Jones connected with Nelson Agholor for a 34-yard touchdown. From there, these offenses traded blows throughout the first half. The game was tied 16-16 at the half.  

It was 26-all at the beginning of the fourth quarter, but Vikes owned the last quarter. A penalty on New England for running into the kicker gave Minnesota new life, and they quickly took advantage. Two plays after the penalty, Cousins completed a 36-yard pass to Justin Jefferson. Then, Cousins connected on a 15-yard touchdown to Adam Thielen to take the lead.