WATCH: Adult Hockey League Player Kicks Opponent in the Face with Skate During Insane Fight

by Dustin Schutte

Move over, Happy Gilmore, you officially have company. An adult league hockey player in Canada crossed the line from comedy film to reality in a dangerous way recently, kicking an opposing player in the face with his skate during a fight.

The reckless incident occurred in the Adult Safe Hockey League (yes, that’s the real name, as ironic as it might sound) in late July. It took place in Scotia Barn in Burnaby during the third period of a game.

It started with a typical hockey skirmish when a player then appears to have deliberately kicked an opponent in the face with the blade his skate. Because of the incident, police are now investigating.

TMZ shared video of the fight:

Per TMZ, the victim received medical treatment for his injuries. The Burnaby Royal Canadian Mounted Police released a statement on the chaotic situation.

“Burnaby RCMP is continuing to investigate the circumstances and actions that led to the player’s injuries,” the officials said.

The ASHL also stated that the player who kicked the opponent was ejected from the game and has received an indefinite suspension from the league.

Hockey fights aren’t an uncommon occurrence. This time, a player stepped waaaay over the line.

Chaos in the Rink, Chaos on the Pitch

The Happy Gilmore-style attack on the ice in Canada is yet another example of adults acting ridiculous in the world of sports. A soccer game in Argentina got way out of hand over the weekend, as well.

A punk soccer player attacked a female referee in a division match between Garmense and Independencia in the Tres Arroyos Regional League after receiving a yellow card. Player Cristian Tirone viciously attacked official Dalma Cortadi, hitting her in the head with a forearm.

Cortadi fell to the ground and chaos ensued. Eventually, police escorted Tirone off the field and arrested him. The soccer league banned him permanently.

Fortunately, Cortadi returned to her feet and walked away from the incident. She agrees with the league’s decision to impose a permanent ban on Tirone.

“You have to kick him out forever,” she said, per TMZ. “He should never be in any club. He is a violent person, he must also be in his daily life. I saw it on the video: a normal person does not do what this man did. No person deserves this. We don’t go to the [matches] to be beaten. I hope he pays for what he did.”