WATCH: AEW Star Darby Allin Pulls Off 96-Foot Jump in Jeep Over House

by Nick Geddes

Nobody pulls off a stunt inside or outside the squared circle like All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW) Darby Allin.

Allin outdid himself Friday, pulling off the “sketchiest stunt” he’s ever done. And that’s saying something, as Allin has jumped off many ladders during his time in AEW. He completed his newest stunt in the confines of his own Jeep and outside his home. Allin and his Jeep miraculously jumped 96-feet over his house and into a couple of trailers.

Allin took flight from a dirt ramp on the side of his home. It’s unclear how much speed Allin had going into the ramp — clearly enough to stick the landing, however.

Allin spoke with TMZ Sports after completing the stunt and revealed that professional stunt performer Travis Pastrana helped set it up.

“Travis Pastrana helped set it up,” Allin said. “And he’s like from Nitro Circus, [the] first-ever double backflip. He’s a wild man. So he helped set it up. And he straight up told me like before I went, ‘There’s a good chance you’re going to break your back doing this.'”

Darby Allin is AEW’s Resident Stuntman

Allin, 29, has a penchant for the death-defying. He’s only been wrestling on television for the past three years, but you could already say he’s the closest thing this generation has to Mick Foley. Foley, as you recall, famously was thrown off the top of the Hell in a Cell by The Undertaker at “King of the Ring” in 1998. That match went on to define Foley’s Hall of Fame career.

Allin has a long way to go to match Foley’s accomplishments, but appears well on his way. During a match against Jeff Hardy on the May 11 edition of AEW Dynamite, Allin had perhaps the moment of his career. Perched atop a 20-foot ladder, Allin dove off and hit Hardy with a Swanton Bomb. Allin connected with Hardy who was laying on eight steel chairs.

Allin made an appearance on Friday night’s AEW Rampage alongside Sting. The duo came to the aid of Miro and chased the House of Black out of the ring.