Jon Gruden’s Agent Believes Email Leak was a ‘Hit Job’

by Nick Geddes

We’re pushing one trip around the sun since Jon Gruden resigned as Las Vegas Raiders head coach after racist, misogynistic and anti-gay emails of his surfaced.

Rather than preparing for year five of his second tenure with the Raiders, Gruden remains out of the league entirely. While it would appear highly unlikely Gruden finds himself on an NFL sideline in the future, his agent, Bob Lamonte, thinks otherwise.

“I really believe in my heart and soul he will coach again,” Lamonte recently told Ira Kaufman of “I’d be very surprised if he didn’t. My question is what did Jon really do? Most people wouldn’t want their private emails from 10 days ago looked at. That’s why if this were to go to trial, it would be devastating for the National Football League.”

Jon Gruden’s Emails Leaked as Part of Investigation into Washington Commanders

Emails that Gruden sent to former Washington Commanders general manager Bruce Allen came to light last October. They were discovered as part of the NFL’s investigation into workplace misconduct and the toxic culture of team owner Dan Snyder’s franchise.

The New York Times reported that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell ordered league executives to view more than 650,000 emails. Only six, however, were made public. All sent by Gruden. Lamonte went as far to say it was a “hit job” conducted by the NFL.

“This wasn’t good for anybody,” Lamonte said. “That’s why he ended up suing the NFL and Goodell — because everyone knows it was wrong. You have 650,000 emails and his six were picked out . . . and he wasn’t even in the league. He prevailed in court and he will prevail again.”

Jon Gruden Continues His Fight Against the NFL

A Nevada judge ruled against the NFL’s motion to send the case to arbitration in May. The NFL is expected to appeal the decision. Should the case remain in court, the identity of the email-leaker will be revealed. Among the emails, was one he sent to Allen where he used a racist trope to describe executive director of the NFLPA, DeMaurice Smith, who is Black.

“Dumboriss Smith has lips the size of Michelin tires,” Gruden wrote in a July 2, 2011, email.

Lamonte said he was upset at the timing of when the emails were leaked, as they were all initially sent a decade prior.

“It was 10 years ago,” Lamonte said. “And then why Jon and why the Raiders? He wasn’t even in the league at the time of those e-mails… that’s the tragedy of it. You can say what you want, but if anyone really understands Jon, they know he’s not a racist. That’s quite obvious. No one would ever say that.”