Al Michaels Clowns Baker Mayfield for Headbutting Panthers Teammates With No Helmet

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images)

Is there anyone who suffers more on Thursday Night Football than Al Michaels? At least the NFL broadcaster got to crack a joke. It really is one of the great mysteries of sports. Why do players like Baker Mayfield insist on doing a headbutt celebration without a helmet on? That’s all that Michaels wants to know.

While Mayfield’s Carolina Panthers embarrassed the Atlanta Falcons on TNF, Al Michaels watched on. This wasn’t just one little light touch to the helmet. The now-benched quarterback was playing hype man and was really putting his head into his teammates. Repeatedly.

Watch this handshake line turn into a headbutt line as Mayfield tries to get his guys motivated on the sideline.

This season is not what Baker Mayfield thought it was going to be back in January of 2022, I’m sure. Not only did the Browns discard him for DeShaun Watson, but then he was picked up by the Panthers, just to be benched again. Phillip Walker is now the quarterback and he was able to put together a winning performance on Thursday.

Al Michaels is a treasure. He’s one of the only guys that would not just call out Mayfield for this behavior, but deliver a joke as well as he did. However, fans are still wondering if the NFL broadcaster is happy in his current role.

Fans Are Worried About Al Michaels

Let’s be honest, Outsiders, NFL Thursday Night Football is not good. There have been 10 weeks in the season now and only two of these games have been worthy of prime time. It’s really been a curious case. Each prime-time game on Monday, Thursday, and most Sundays has fallen flat.

Before and during last night’s Falcons and Panthers game, fans were just wondering how Al Michaels was doing. You know, you gotta check in on your friends sometimes. Especially if they are about to call a game between two sub-.500 teams.

While fans are a little concerned about their favorite analyst, it’s alright. Just think about all of that sweet Amazon money that Al Michaels is making. He’ll be alright. Even if he has to call snoozers for the rest of the season.