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Al Michaels Goes Off on the LA Rams PA Announcer During Thursday Night Football

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Like many of us watching at home, Al Michaels is not always a fan of Thursday Night Football. He’s also not a fan of the Rams’ PA guy. Whatever is going on at SoFi Stadium, Michaels is just not on board. He’s had a number of comments about the NFL stadium and atmosphere.

For those watching at home, it was predicted that the Raiders would have more fans at the stadium than the home team Rams. With that in mind, SoFi was a pseudo-home environment for the silver and black. It was enough to bug Al Michaels.

The stadium announcer has a job to hype the crowd up. That’s what he does. Michaels thought it was futile.

“Wow, hope the Rams PA announcer isn’t an Al Michaels fan, because Michaels just killed him lol,” one fan tweeted.

With the Raiders taking an early lead over the Rams and showing a better offense in the first quarter, this could be a long night for viewers. Unfortunately for Al Michaels, he can’t turn the channel like the rest of us at home. There were plenty of folks watching that heard Michaels and were glad to see him be so honest.

You can’t say that he doesn’t speak his mind.

Fans Can’t Believe How Savage Al Michaels Got on TNF

One moment you’re watching Raiders and Rams on Thursday Night Football, the next moment, Al Michaels is popping shots at the PA announcer. The Amazon booth must be near a loudspeaker or something. Because Michaels sounded peeved and had no remorse for what he said.

“Al Michaels is just DGAF level now,” a fan said on Twitter. “I need him to turn fully heel on air.”

The sentiment was felt throughout Twitter. NFL fans were completely on board. We are seeing the Rams play a prime-time game with Baker Mayfield at quarterback and a 3-9 record. What are we doing here, folks? For the sake of Al, can we do something about this?

“Al Michaels is funny. He said I’m not sure if it’s the Rams house it seems like it’s the Raiders house that’s a cold line, especially that it’s in Sofi stadium in the Rams house,” another fan noted.

If the iconic announcer is going to be subjected to these games, then he’s going to let folks know how he feels. That means a PA guy or two are going to catch a stray every now and then.

Al Michaels is one of a kind. He can get away with saying what he wants, and that’s why we love him.