Al Michaels Says He May Retire if Bears-Commanders Resembles Colts-Broncos on TNF

by Dustin Schutte
Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Al Michaels is one of us. The legendary sports broadcaster was just as miserable during last week’s Thursday Night Football game between the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos as everyone else. And if he witnesses a similar performance this week, he might call it a career.

During an appearance on Waddle & Silvy on ESPN Chicago, Michaels jokingly said he would consider retirement if this week’s game between the Chicago Bears and Washington Commanders is as bad as last week’s game.

Or was he joking?

“If we don’t have a better game than we had last Thursday then I may retire,” Michaels said in an appearance on Waddle & Silvy on ESPN Chicago. “I’ve done pretty close to 800 NFL games, and with all due respect, guys are trying, I understand, and we all know that, but that was grim.”

The Colts squeaked a 12-9 overtime victory in Denver. The game featured no touchdowns, 10 sacks, four turnovers and millions of aggravated NFL fans. Michaels summed it up in two sentences.

“It was a terrible performance and a bad game,” Michaels said. “Hopefully that’s a one-off.”

Al Michaels Not Alone in TNF Misery

When you think about it, Al Michaels might’ve actually might’ve had it worse than NFL fans. Sure, he got paid to call the Colts-Broncos game last week, but he also had stick around to watch the entire thing. We could change the channel or go to bed.

Michaels wasn’t alone in his misery last week. Not only were fans vocal about the terrible game, Denver’s ABC affiliate apologized for the poor performance.

After the game, local sportscasters Nick Rothschild and Troy Renck (KMGH 7) didn’t hold back in their criticism of the game.

“Troy, I feel the need to just apologize to the viewers,” Rothschild said. “I know we didn’t play, we didn’t even really run this broadcast … but the fact that you had to watch that? On our air? I feel bad.”

Renck quipped back with, “It burned the retinas.”

Even though this week’s game doesn’t look great on paper, hopefully it’s more entertaining than last week’s Thursday Night Football contest. If not, Amazon Prime might be looking for a new play-by-play man.