Al Michaels Sets Social Media Ablaze During Thursday Night Football With Taylor Swift Comment

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for MTV)

Sports commentator Al Michaels caused quite a firestorm on Twitter after making some comments about Taylor Swift and her devoted fans. 

During the Thursday Night Football broadcast, Michaels shared his thoughts about Swift’s demographics while speaking about the music icon’s new album release. The comments didn’t sit well with some Twitter users. “You have four sons. If you had a daughter, she’d be over the moon. I have a granddaughter who is completely over the moon right now. Nobody more popular among the teenage girl group than Taylor Swift.”

Twitter erupted quickly by stating that boys and men also like Swift and her music. “All respect to Al Michaels, but dudes can be Taylor Swift fans, too,” one Twitter user tweeted. “Whew, the toxic masculinity is STRONG on here tonight.” 

Another Twitter user pointed out that the NFL has some interest in working alongside Swift. “The NFL wants to be in business with Taylor Swift in part because she appeals to a demographic that the NFL would like to reach more,” the tweet reads. “But Al Michaels’ assumption that Kirk Herbstreit’s kids don’t like Taylor Swift because he has sons was kinda dumb.” 

Taylor Swift on Directing Her Short Film

While making an appearance at the Toronto Film Festival last month, Taylor Swift reportedly spoke about directing All Too Well: The Short Film. 

“It’s really meaningful to get to present the short film on 35mm [format],” Taylor Swift explained. “Because that was how it was originally shot. Swift also told the festival’s CEO, Cameron Bailey, that she wasn’t surprised that she had ended up writing and directing a short film. She explained there was always a visual element in the way she wrote songs and presented them to the world. 

“When I would write a song, I would immediately start thinking of how I want to present this on stage,” Taylor Swift shared. “If I made a music video for this, what would it look like. And then, when I would create an album, halfway through, I would start conceptualizing what does this album look like? What are the colors we’re dealing with here? What are the themes? Aesthetics? What do I want this to symbolize? Because from a very early point in my career, I wanted to establish each album as its own era of sorts.” 

Taylor Swift went on to add that a host of filmmakers influenced and inspired her work. “It has fluctuated over time. I’ve always loved certain films during certain phases I was in musically. Like when I made the album 1989, I watched a lot of John Hughes movies, like Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club over and over. When the pandemic hit, I watched a lot of Guillermo Del Toro, The Devil’s Backbone, Pan’s Labyrinth.”