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Alabama Coach Nick Saban Has Sideline Meltdown Despite Winning 50 Plus Points

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It doesn’t matter if Alabama Football head coach Nick Saban is up by more than 50 points, he still demands perfection from his players, coaches, and even the refs.

If you have ever wondered why Alabama has been the pinnacle of college football over the last decade, look no further. Despite absolutely destroying NewMexico State 59-3, Saban was caught on camera going crazy about a call against his team. Saturday’s events just go to show that Nick Saban is one of the best to ever coach the sport.

The Crimson Tide football team got off to a scorching start on Saturday. As a matter of fact, Alabama quarterback Bryce Young became the first player in school history to throw for five touchdown passes in a single half. He went into halftime 21/23 passing with 270 yards and five touchdowns.

The team had an astounding 56-3 lead with just under 11 minutes left in Saturday’s game. That’s when their defense was called for an offsides penalty. After the call was made, the cameras in the stadium panned over to Coach Saban who was visibly upset on the sideline. He then proceeded to give an earful to one of the officials.

A video of Nick Saban’s most recent tirade is making its rounds on social media.


College Football Fans Respond to Nick Saban Meltdown

Okay, it’s pretty safe to say that Alabama head coach Nick Saban disagreed with the offsides call against his time. That much is clear. During the epic meltdown, Saban can be seen ripping off his headset and screaming at one of the referees. His face was just about as red as the Alabama Crimson Tide logo.

Fans of the powerhouse SEC school love seeing Coach Saban get worked up. He may get mocked for it from time to time, but deep down everyone knows that Nick Saban’s undeniable passion for the game is what makes him a special coach. And it’s what has helped make him perhaps the best college football coach of all time. Fans respect it.

“That’s my coach,” one fan commented.

“Saban is up by a 50 piece and he still refuses to take a snap off,” a fellow Twitter user said. “That’s why they have been Bama.”

“People can mock this all they want,” a third fan replied. “This is why Saba has been on top for so long. It never stops. Even up 56-3 on New Mexico State. #RollTide”

However, after the game, Nick Saban made it clear that he wasn’t going to criticize his team after the dominant win.

“If you want me to be critical of my team because we punted once in the first quarter and they kicked a field goal, I’m not… I’m not gonna be critical of our team when we win 59-3.”