Alabama Football Staffer Needs Police Escort From Stadium After Heated Confrontation With LSU Fan: VIDEO

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Todd Kirkland / Contributor

Three weeks after Tennessee fans stormed the field at Neyland Stadium in a stunning upset over Alabama, it looks like it’s deja vu all over again for Nick Saban and his Alabama football team. Last night, LSU fans rushed the field at Death Valley after the No. 10 Tigers defeated the No. 6 Tide 32-31.

As a result of the loss, an Alabama staffer needed the help of multiple police officers to get off the field following the upset. The Alabama team, coaches, and staffers had just a moment to get out of sight before Tiger fans brought the celebration down to the field.

However, for Alabama staffer Eric Van Nostrand, it was far from a celebration as the moment got a little too dark. In a video posted by Michael Casagrande, a riled-up LSU fan appeared to get into a heated exchange with Nostrand. It’s also worth noting that Nostrand is a purple heart veteran and Assistant Director of Player Development. Before it got too intense, police stepped in and got him off the field.

Outlets later reported police threatened to arrest the fan for stirring up the conflict, but it looks like that never happened.

To point out, we’re not exactly sure what the fan said to Nostrand. However, we know that the LSU fan appeared to be fired up, so much so that it looked like his friend tried to talk him down at one point.

As you can see in the clip, police created a perimeter around the member of the Crimson Tide staff before finally removing him from Death Valley.

Alabama football player, Jermaine Burton, makes swift exit following LSU loss

Given the dark cloud surrounding Jermaine Burton’s behavior when Tennessee stormed the field, it seems like the college football world is on edge when it comes to fans and players overstepping their boundaries.

In Nostrand’s defense, he appeared to do everything he could to avoid confrontation and keep things from escalating further than they already had. We can probably guess that being a former Marine helped him identify the not-so-nice situation and how to get out of there before things got any worse for him.

As for Burton, he appears to have learned his lesson after an incident in which he struck a female Tennessee fan in Knoxville several weeks back. On Saturday, he was one of the first Alabama players to exit the field as LSU fans celebrated the W.

After transferring from Georgia, the wide receiver is in his first year in Tuscaloosa as a junior. This season alone, he’s now been on the losing end of two field storms. The first came after a loss to the Vols, which plagued his career with controversy.