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Alabama Head Coach Nate Oats Reveals Conversation With Ray Lewis After Darius Miles Charged For Murder

by Griffin McVeigh
Ray Lewis
(Dan Beineke/NFLPhotoLibrary)

Tragedy struck in Tuscaloosa early Sunday morning, as 23-year-old Jamea Harris was shot and killed in her car. Former Alabama basketball player Darius Miles was involved, being arrested over the weekend and charged with capital murder.

While he did not directly fire the shots, Miles reportedly provided the gun to Michael Davis, who was also arrested for the same charges.

Everyone at Alabama has been looking for ways to grieve through the events. Head coach Nate Oats is the leader of the program and has seemed outside help for advice. One was former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, who has a connection to the university.

“His daughter went to Alabama a year-and-a-half ago,” Oats said. “He went through a similar situation in Atlanta… Played in the NFL. He told me what he thought guys needed to hear.”

Lewis can relate to this scenario but from the same perspective as Oats. After a Super Bowl party back in January 2000, Lewis was arrested with double-murder charges and even spent time in jail. He was put on trial and eventually, the charges were dropped and changed to a misdemeanor.

While Oats reaching out to someone with the opposite perspective might seem odd, he and Lewis can relate through their faith. The two were able to pray together and share their faith.

“He’s a man of faith as well,” Oats said. “Just kind of told me to share a little word with him, pray with him.”

Alabama Plays First Game Following Darius Miles Arrest

Alabama played its first game since the incident on Tuesday and was able to get a win against Vanderbilt. Oats said the Crimson Tide were able to keep things together heading into the pregame but once the final buzzer sounded, emotions poured out.

“I think they’ve been battling some stuff off them,” Oats said during a postgame press conference. “We got a job to do, got to get to the game. We got to the game and took care of business. And then, it’s almost a big relief. Game is over and we could let out a sigh of relief.”

The grieving process will continue in Tuscaloosa, as more information on the incident gets released. On the court, Missouri will be up next for the Crimson Tide, with tip-off scheduled for 5:00 p.m. CT on the SEC Network.