Alabama & Miami Fans Come to Blows in Major Brawl in Stadium: VIDEO

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Look, the return of college football has its pros and cons. Alabama versus Miami, that’s a pro. Among the cons, some fans don’t know how to act in public. So, of course, action on the field means action off the field as well. During the game in Atlanta, a fight broke out between fans of each team. It looked like quite the exchange between the two parties involved.

When you act like a fool in public, it is likely someone caught that on video. Everyone has a camera in their pocket nowadays with smart devices. So, it is no surprise that there was a video of this altercation as well. While there isn’t much context prior to fists swinging, it looks like a full-on brawl.

Upon watching the video, the folks in the orange were doing a lot better than the folks in crimson. It is never fun to end up on the losing end of a scrap, but at least for the Alabama fans in the video their team won. In fact, it wasn’t close. The Miami Hurricanes didn’t put up half as good of a fight as their fans in the stands did. Jokes aside, hopefully, no one was hurt too bad and the rest of the game went without incident.

On the field, the teams clashed and one was clearly better. There is no mistaking that the Crimson Tide is the best team in the country following this game. Miami isn’t a juggernaut and likely won’t make the College Football Playoffs, but it was a convincing win over a team with lots of talent.

Alabama Football: Bryce Young’s Debut

As Alabama dismantled the Miami Hurricanes, they relied on first-year starter Bryce Young. There is no denying that Nick Saban has built a football empire. As quarterbacks come into the program and head onto the NFL, the next-man-up seems to be better than the one before. Young broke a debut record for Alabama quarterbacks.

By throwing four touchdowns in his first game ever, Young took down a record held by Joe Namath and Mac Jones. Those two had thrown for three touchdowns in their debuts. That was the record until today. Namath is a legendary quarterback, of course. Oh, and Jones was just named the stared of the New England Patriots over Cam Newton. So, perhaps Saban has the next best thing with his new QB.

Every year it seems the rich get richer. Alabama is going to keep on doing Alabama things. It seems as though they have an endless supply of talent. After the first Saturday in college football coming to an end, there is no doubt who the best team in the country is. Roll Tide.