Alabama QB Bryce Young Leaves Arkansas Game With Shoulder Injury, College Football Fans React

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

If you were watching Alabama do their thing against Arkansas then you just saw Bryce Young go out of the game with what looked like a shoulder injury. The reigning Heisman Trophy winner had to leave the game and head to the sideline. College football fans are hoping for the best but you never like to see an issue like this with any quarterback.

Bryce Young clearly was not happy with whatever happened. It looked like he couldn’t move his right shoulder and he yelled as he walked into the medical tent. Perhaps it’s just a dislocated shoulder, but we really don’t know at this point.

The Crimson Tide are rolling on the Razorbacks but this is not what they want to see this afternoon.

Fans Hope Bryce Young is Alright

This is pretty much the reaction any fan has when their favorite player gets hurt. How can we take my healthy body part and just give it to them to use for a while? This fan wants Bryce Young to be alright and be back out on the field.

Of course, not knowing what is really going on, fans are just hoping for the best. Injuries will look super serious sometimes and it will be nothing. Other times, the smallest hits or steps can cause a lot of damage. Alabama wants Young out there each week. Let’s hope he’s playing soon.

Everyone is just hoping for good news about Bryce Young. A talented player and someone you can’t really think of a good reason for disliking, everyone is behind No. 9.

Good news for Alabama fans, well your team is still Alabama. Replacing Bryce Young in the backfield is Jalen Milroe. The class of 2021 QB was a top-100 player and a top-15 player at his position coming into Tuscaloosa. Already in the second quarter, Milroe has thrown a touchdown and hit 3/5 passes for 62 yards. He also rushed for a 3-yard touchdown before the end of the second half.

There is likely going to be a long-term concern if Young can’t play for an extended period of time. However, in the short term, Bama can just do what they do. Reload and plug into the system with a talented player that’s at least been on the team for a year.