Alabama’s Nick Saban, Jackson State’s Deion Sanders Set to Reprise Cameos in Upcoming Aflac Commercial

by Patrick Norton

Deion Sanders’ entry into the college football coaching landscape proves more and more interesting every day. In two seasons at Jackson State, the team sports a 15-5 record following an impressive 11-2 mark last year. Sanders made headlines this offseason, poaching the nation’s top recruit to the HBCU by spurning Florida State in the 11th hour. And a spat that pitted Sanders and Nick Saban against Texas A&M’s Jimbo Fisher keeps two of the coaches intertwined.

A prior relationship with Saban spurred the addition of Coach Prime to the Crimson Tide coach’s insurance advertisements. The initial ad saw Sanders donning the ultra-blue blazer with Saban presenting the Jackson State coach with a gold Aflac chain. Oh – and in commercial, the Aflac duck is Sanders’ tailor.

However, Saban’s comment implying Sanders bought No. 1 recruit Travis Hunter placed a strain in the pair’s relationship. But an Instagram post from the former NFL star suggests the dilemma is water under the bridge now. And that means another commercial for Aflac. The caption reading “no beef” further hints toward a reconciliation.

Prime Time is no stranger to the cameras. Before returning to the gridiron, Sanders appeared on NFL Network as a prominent analyst for game coverage and various panels. In a 2013 Super Bowl commercial, Sanders adopted the persona of Leon Sandcastle – an alter-ego attempting to prove Sander could perform better than the incoming draft class.

In addition to running 4.2 second 40-yard dash, “Sandcastle” completes a plethora of challenges at the annual NFL Combine. This results in the fictitious player going first-overall to the Kansas City Chiefs. While on stage, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell asks a disguised Sanders if the two have met in the past.

Resolved Beef Between Saban, Sanders Lingers Between the Alabama Head Coach and Jimbo Fisher

Nick Saban’s success speaks for itself. With seven championship notches on the coach’s belt, recruiting to Alabama means more than just Tuscaloosa. With the relevancy of NIL in college sports, Saban is feeling the impact. While recruitment deals means a hefty chunk of change and an opportunity at the sport’s premiere location, Saban barked at Texas A&M’s strategy of offering the highest market value.

Jimbo Fisher immediately fired back, saying, “It’s a shame that we have to do this. It’s really despicable. You’re taking shots at 17-year-old kids and their families.” Later, when asked about the showdown, Fisher stated, “It’s over with. We’re done talking about it.”

While both men acknowledge a call took place to hash out the differences and come to better terms, it’s safe to say Jimbo Fisher likely won’t appear next to Deion Sanders or Saban in an Aflac ad anytime soon.