Alex Smith’s Wife Has His Leg Brace Made into Replica of Lombardi Trophy

by Atlanta Northcutt

Nothing says true love like having your significant others’ leg brace fashioned into a trophy. At least when it comes to Washington State’s quarterback Alex Smith and his wife, Elizabeth Smith.

Lombardi Trophy Lookalike Made from Alex’s Leg Brace

The wife of former quarterback for the Utah Utes and Kansas City Chiefs shared a photo of her husband’s leg brace fashioned into the Lombardi Trophy.

Although it may seem odd, the thought behind the gift is endearing. A devastating injury to Alex’s left leg in November 2018 didn’t only cost him the season but could’ve led to a necessary amputation.

Washington State QB Alex Smith Returns to the Field

After enduring multiple surgeries and physical therapy on his leg for the past couple of years, he’s finally able to rejoin his team. Due to his injury, he missed the entire 2019 season.

Before suffering from his injury, he was the No. 1 overall draft pick. Now, it’s a miracle he is able to join Washington State in a chance to lead the team to the playoffs. It all rests upon if Smith and the team are able to beat the Eagles on Sunday night.

The extensive rehabilitation Alex Smith suffered through to return to the NFL will likely lead him to receive the Comeback Player of the Year award, regardless of whether or not Washington State pulls out a win.

The Supportive Love of the Smith Family

The quarterback is lucky to have a wife and family who’ve been supportive and stood by his side throughout the previous years of trials and tribulations.

Some light is seeming to be found in the darkness of Smith’s tragedy. His wife, Elizabeth is ensuring a focus on remaining hopeful. She has had Alex’s previous recovery brace constructed into a replica of the Lombardi Trophy.

Both Alex and Elizabeth Smith deserve recognition. The couple has put in hard work and determination to lead Alex back to the field. Regardless of if he and his team head to the playoffs, he’s definitely a winner.