Amazon TNF Viewers Ticked With Audio Issues During Chiefs vs. Chargers Game: See the Tweets

by Samantha Whidden
amazon-tnf-viewers-ticked-with-audio-issues-during-chiefs-vs-chargers-game-see-tweets 1

Following the issues of Amazon’s Thursday Night Football broadcast, viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts about the situation. 

As previously reported, Amazon’s TNF, which was the Chiefs vs Chargers, there were some video and audio issues. This caused the streaming to get out of sync. This caused some irritation and annoyance, which eventually ended up on social media. 

One Amazon TNF viewer shared their verdict on the service. They noted that the picture and announcers were good. However, the audio was sub-par and ads were considered “cringe” for them. “Still devastated that the NFL padlocked the superior TNF product behind a streaming service,” the viewer tweeted.  

Meanwhile, another Twitter user wrote that it wasn’t the audio and video that was bugging them. It was the music. “My biggest gripe with Amazon TNF broadcast so far is that all the music sound like royalty free stock music. I feel like I’m about to hear an epidemic sounds [an] audio watermark when it’s playing over a segment.” 

Other Twitter users remained optimistic about Amazon’s services. “Video quality has been good for me the whole time on #TFN. The audio is definitely a little off though. I knew that punt was going to bounce about 2 seconds before it bounced.” 

The next game that will be featured on the Amazon TNF service will be the Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers. The game will take place on September 22nd. 

Amazon Heads Talk About Thursday Night Football Service 

While speaking to The Washington Post, Amazon heads shared more details about the streaming platform’s Thursday Night Football service. “Everything we do starts with the customer and works backward,” Jay Marine Global Head of Amazon’s Sports Division. “And we’re trying to ask ourselves how do we make Prime better for our customers.” 

Marie Donoghue, the Vice President of Global Sports Video at Amazon, also stated, “We want to respect sports fans. It’s not meant to be gimmicky.” 

When asked what Amazon sports may look like in 10 years, Marine declared, “If I told you, I’d have to kill you. Just kidding. What I can tell you is that I fully expect Prime sports to be a major, major top broadcaster in the world in major markets.” 

Veteran broadcaster Al Michaels, is also featured on Amazon sports and TNF. “I say to people: ‘Do you have Netflix? It’s the same thing.’” Michaels explained. “You find the app, you bring it up, and it should be there. No problems.” 

CNBC reports that Amazon is looking to be the NFL’s exclusive producer of Thursday games starting in 2023. However, sources confirmed that the NFL may actually decide to keep certain games on its own network and take less money from the streaming service.