AMERICA’S TEAM: Dallas Cowboys Listed as Most Valuable Sports Franchise at $7.64 Billion

by Bryan Fyalkowski

Sportico has named the most valuable franchises across American sports, and the Dallas Cowboys top the list. Jerry Jones’ team leads the way with a $7.64 billion valuation, which is a whopping $630 million ahead of the second-place New York Yankees.

“Whether it’s a Legends platform, a real estate platform or a technology platform,” Stephen Jones – Dallas COO – told Sportico. “We’ve been able to use The Star, the Cowboys and sports to really enhance business.”

Jerry Jones bought the team for $150 million in 1989. Since then, the Cowboys have revolutionized how NFL teams run their businesses. The franchise coined the term “America’s Team” and jumped on sponsorship opportunities. Dallas had handled its own merchandise business, launched Legends, built AT&T Stadium and opened “The Star” – a $1.5 billion practice facility and mixed-use development in Frisco, Texas.

Dallas Cowboys, NFL Reign Supreme Among Sports Landscape

Following the Dallas Cowboys and Yankees are the NBA’s New York Knicks ($6.12 billion) and Golden State Warriors ($6.03 billion). However, the NFL boasts 18 of the top 25 most valuable franchises. Every single one of the 32 NFL franchises is worth at least $2.84 billion. Surprisingly, the Cincinnati Bengals appear in the rear. The Super Bowl runner-up sits right behind the Detroit Lions at No. 31 and Jacksonville Jaguars at No. 30.

Still, the Bengals do rank 44th in the nation. That means every single NFL team is worth more than all but 12 teams from the NBA, NHL and MLB combined. On average, the league’s franchises are worth $4.1 billion apiece, which is up 18% over last year. The total value of the 32 franchises – which include team-related businesses and real estate held by owners – is $132 billion.

Sportico’s calculations were derived from interviews with more than 30 bankers, lawyers, team executives, owners and consultants. Public documents involved in the sport were also used.

“There isn’t anybody that compares to the NFL in sports or entertainment,” George Pyne – founder of the investment firm Bruin Capital – told Sportico. “They are in an orbit all by themselves.”