Anheuser-Busch Ends Sponsorship of Washington Commanders

by Megan Molseed

One of the NFL’s biggest sponsors has decided to back out of its sponsorship of the Washington Commanders. Anheuser Busch announced recently that the company has ended its sponsorship agreement with the NFL team.

The popular beer company has not yet given a reason for this decision. However, the company has noted in a statement to the Washington Post regarding the move that they will continue with the sponsorship agreements they still have with 26 other NFL teams; as well as the NFL league as a whole.

Anheuser-Busch Announces Decision To “Not Renew” Sponsorship Of the Washington Commanders

In the statement announcing Anheuser-Busch’s major move to no longer sponsor the Washington football team, the popular beer company notes that they have decided not to renew its sponsorship of the Washington Commanders team at this time.” However, the statement notes, the company remains “fully committed to Washington football fans.”

The popular beer company goes on to note that this move is not going to change the company’s affiliation with the NFL as a whole. “We look forward to continuing our long-term partnership with the NFL,” Anheuser Busch says in the statement.

“And our other 26 team partners,” Anheuser Busch continues. “To create meaningful experiences and connections for fans across the country.”

Anheuser Busch has long been one of Washington’s biggest sponsors. Washington’s quarterback Taylor Heinicke is among the beer company’s multiple player endorsements.

Washington Has Lost Several Major Sponsorships Over the Last Few Months

Over the past year, the Washington Commanders have lost three sponsors including Anheuser Busch. The NFL team has also seen sponsors Medliminal, a Northern Virginia medical billing company; and Inova, a health care company, pull out of their sponsorship connections with the football team.

Medliminal has stated that the company’s decision comes on the heels of a sexual misconduct scandal that has erupted within the franchise over the last year. The company notes they are “sincerely disappointed” in the developments that have come as a result of the accusations. Inova cited the company’s focus on “revisiting strategic priorities” as its reasoning behind the change.

The Washington Commanders Look Forward To Exploring Sponsorship Opportunities

In a recent statement to ESPN, the Washington football team notes that they hope to explore endorsement opportunities within the alcohol category. Especially as the newly-named team prepares to develop a brand-new venue.

“We’re exploring options in the alcohol category and looking for a strategic partner that will join us in the next era of Washington Football as we play our first season as the Washington Commanders,” the NFL team says in the statement. “And prepare to develop a new venue.”

“The team believes there is tremendous upside in the alcohol sponsorship category for the Commanders,” the statement adds.