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Antonio Brown Allegedly Destroyed Neighborhood Security Camera Before NFL Return

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

Tamp Bay Buccaneers’ Antonio Brown is back in the news and once again it is not for his play.

Brown’s name appears on a Miami, Florida, police report after he allegedly threw a profanity laced tirade at a security guard. TMZ Sports reports the alleged incident did occur on October 15 at a private community where Brown had residence.

According to a police report obtained by the Miami Herald, the incident took place at Hollywood Oaks. Reports state Brown lost his cool when a female security guard would not allow his guest through the gate. The security guard reportedly told Brown and his guest that the guest could not enter unless Brown was physically at the entrance.

Brown allegedly rode his bicycle to the front entrance and was furious at the guard, taking his anger out on the security camera. Reports state Brown destroyed the security camera in a fit of rage and “cussed out” the security guard. The wide receiver then reportedly picked up his bike and hurled at the arm of the gate guard.

Brown Quarrels With Property Owner

Upon arriving at the gate, the community’s property manager was called a “racist b—h” by Brown, according to reports. Arriving at the scene, Hollywood Police Officers discover a blue bicycle in between the gate’s arm and motor.

The incident was reportedly caught of video, law enforcement officials say. The footage reportedly shows the player throwing the bike at the gate and smashing the security camera.

Despite the strong evidence of Brown’s behavior, he was not charge with a crime. Homeowners association chose not to press charges.

The receiver became a Buccaneer on October 27 and Bucs officials say they were aware of the incident before signing the receiver.

“When Antonio joined us, we were clear about what we expected and required of him,” the team said. “Thus far, he has met all the expectations we have in place.”