Antonio Brown Asked State Troopers for a Ride After Mid-Game Exit

by Jonathan Howard

The entire situation surrounding the Antonio Brown/Tampa Bay Buccaneers situation is very bizarre. More details keep emerging.

Sunday afternoon was strange for Tampa Bay. While they were facing a losing situation against the New York Jets, the cameras picked up something very peculiar. Antonio Brown had already taken his pads, helmet, and jersey off. The star receiver was walking down the sideline and throwing his other gear off as well.

In what many knew would be the last moment we saw of Brown as a Buc, there weren’t many answers as to what happened. Now, a day later, we know that Brown was asked by his coaches, including head coach Bruce Arians to go into the game. He had played sparingly, with five targets for three catches.

However, possibly due to the fact he didn’t feel healthy enough to go back into the game, Brown refused his coaches. After a short back-and-forth, Arians told him to leave. Then, well, we all saw what happened after that.

As Antonio Brown left the field, he was looking for a ride to the airport. Brown got his things, packed up, and left. When he approached state troopers about hitching a ride, he was denied. Security says the NFL receiver was shirtless and didn’t have his wallet. So, law enforcement didn’t take Brown to the airport. So, he had to turn to other means in order to get away from MetLife Stadium.

Antonio Brown Calls Up Famed NFL Driver

When it comes to the NBA, NFL, MLB, etc, there are some people who are just industry standards. There is a lot that goes around a professional athlete. So, a lot of times if you pay very close attention you might see the same barber cutting one guy’s hair one week and then another the next.

Barbers, cooks, agents, and more. They are all part of the lifestyle. With that said, it makes sense that there is a driver that a lot of NFL players trust. Antonio Brown couldn’t get a ride from state troopers, so, he called up the best guy in the transportation game.

Danny Chalet has had a history of high-profile clients. The driver clearly has some influence and notoriety, because he was Facetiming with Brown shortly after he made his exit from the game. On the driver’s Instagram Story, the receiver was seen relaxing and smiling in the back seat of Chalet’s car. It’s good to see that he was able to find a safe ride.

While it was easy to find a driver, it won’t be easy for Antonio Brown to find a new job in the NFL. He has burned some bridges, and unless something major comes to light about what transpired on the sideline, then Brown may be looking at life beyond football. Or, perhaps he finds a new home anyway? It’s hard to see that happening with his checkered past.