Antonio Brown Breaks His Silence on Tom Brady Trolling

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)

Antonio Brown recently took unnecessary shots at Tom Brady, and everyone is asking the same question: Why?

Why would Brown take aim at a person who helped to repair his NFL career not once, but twice?

AB recently sent shots at the man who helped him win his first, and most likely only, Super Bowl title.

Why would AB routinely throw harpoons at the quarterback who helped him win the first — and probably only — Super Bowl title of his career? The problematic pass-catcher continues to mock Brady, who opened the door to his home when Brown first moved to Tampa Bay.

However, while Brown addressed the trolling he’s done recently, he didn’t have much to say about it.

During a conversation with Patrick Bet-David on “The BPD Podcast,” Brown weighs in. When pressed by Bet-David about the acts of disrespect toward Brady, Brown brushed his antics off by saying, “It is what it is.”

Bet-David specifically asked Brown about the t-shirt featuring Bündchen that the former wideout is selling, to which AB said it was a “parody.” He also claimed they were being sold to raise money for fatherless children.

Brown’s antics are characteristically on-brand, as he routinely finds himself in these situations. The seven-time Pro Bowl selection has been the poster child for poor decision-making for years. He doesn’t seem like he’s interested in changing his ways.

As for Brady, we’re sure he’s too concerned with the Bucs’ abysmal play than Antonio Brown. After falling to 3-5 on Thursday night, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers approach a tough spot at the halfway point.

Antonio Brown Seemingly Retires From Football

Embattled former NFL All-Pro Antonio Brown seemed to retire from football with a tweet posted around 5:00 am on Sunday, October 9th.

Brown, who is currently in hot water over a video of him exposing himself in a pool emerging, posted a tweet hinting that he won’t ever step foot on an NFL field again.

“Only person I’ll ever play Football with again is my SON,” Brown wrote in his tweet, which can also be viewed below.

Many fans reacted to the tweet on Sunday ahead of the Week 5 slate kicking off. Some fans referenced AB’s propensity for announcing similar messages in the past. Others talked about how no team would risk acquiring the volatile wide receiver.

“Not by your choice either,” one fan wrote.

“Literally, no one in the NFL wants you on their team,” another said. “Are you even serious AB? I used to be such a huge fan of yours but man you have ruined yourself. It almost seems like you gotta be doing this stuff on purpose but I can’t figure out why? I genuinely hope you turn it all around.”

“I’d say you’re probably right. Lol,” one fan said, referring to AB saying he wouldn’t play again.