LOOK: Antonio Brown Calls Out Tom Brady, NFL Trainer in Wild Twitter Rant

by Patrick Norton

Antonio Brown’s mental health remains a focal point whenever discussing the wide receiver’s potential return to football. Just last week, the NFL journeyman asked questions in a bizarre fashion, pining for a phone call from Jerry Jones.

But to start the morning on Wednesday, Brown’s awkwardly adversarial tendencies seem to be taking over the receiver’s Twitter page.

With Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady taking a brief hiatus from the team’s camp for private reasons, the former Bucs receiver called out the seven-time Super Bowl winner.

Antonio Brown also took aim at Brady’s TB12 partner and infamous trainer Alex Guerrero. Brown alleges that Guerrero stole the receiver’s money while the embattled former star lived with his quarterback. Although the theft comes from a feeling of disappointment with the workout regimen’s results.

Brown then appeared to pinpoint his disgust with the rest of the league for refusing to look past his instability. The 34-year-old severely hurt his chances of returning to the gridiron in 2022 after causing a scene on the Buccaneer’s sideline in Week 17 last season. Stripping his pads and uniform and trotting off the field caused his immediate release from the playoff-bound team.

His tweets almost appear as cries for help. But his refusal to acknowledge a problem creates a difficult path toward betterment. Maybe Brown can return to the field in 2022, but the baggage he carries has teams scurrying away.

An Offseason of Intrigue for Antonio Brown

As a Lenten sacrifice, it’s a popular choice to avoid social media apps for the 40-day stretch. However, Brown might find employment easier to come by with an extended hiatus from the Twittersphere.

Instead, the eccentric star-talent posts pictures, memes and quote attributions. Brown posted one graphic that quotes himself detailing his biggest regret in life. While the most remorseful instance was not his multiple lash-outs at coaches and teammates, it did include an interesting comparison to Jesus Christ.

Brown’s post said, “My biggest regret is that I’ll never get to see me, Antonio Brown, play a game live. Sure, I can watch the game afterwards, but I can’t imagine what that was like for you all to see something like that. Like watching The Beatles or Jesus perform at Red Rocks.”

One fan quipped in response to the receiver that seeing Brown live didn’t yield a special feeling. In fact, Brown’s Pittsburgh Steelers lost the game the Twitter user mentioned to the eventual 5-11 Chicago Bears in overtime.