Antonio Brown Continues to Baffle NFL World With New Series of Posts

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Once again, Antonio Brown has NFL fans raising their eyebrows with a series of new posts on his social media. It feels like his tweets and Instagram photos go viral for the worst reasons about once a week. The free-agent wide receiver was letting the Twitter fingers fly today.

Let’s just hope that someone was able to get AB to put the phone down. To start things, Brown posted a photo of a check. He claims that the check is from his newly forming rap career. And all of that is great, he should get paid! However, he might want to blur out the bank account numbers next time he posts a check online.

I’m not sure what this is all about, but it seemed to have sent Antonio Brown off on a small rant. But, keep those eyes and ears out for that Lil Wayne track. That sounds interesting.

The receiver went on to post a few regular old tweets. “Business Boomin” and “Ima show you what the NFL Really Feel Like.” Things didn’t stop there, either. AB went on to post even more as fans and followers online were reacting in real-time.

Antonio Brown Posts Offensive Tweet

As the tweets kept coming, things got weirder and weirder. Antonio Brown is not afraid to say, well anything. So, he kept it going and posted through the chaos. “I’m crazy yea this sh*t making me crazy,” he tweeted. Followed up by “the hate is reciprocated never donated.”

Then, things got even worse somehow. Antonio Brown posted and then pinned to his profile, a tweet that includes a derogatory word. The tweet is captioned “Starting my own Team Sign [up].”

Fans have been replying and retweeting by the thousands. It is another example of the somewhat reckless and strange behavior that Brown has exhibited over the last few weeks. The receiver looked to have retired from football just yesterday. But, today’s a new day.

It feels like Antonio Brown is lightyears away from ever being in the NFL again. For such a talented player it is a shame how things have played out in the last two years. That Super Bowl feels like forever ago.