Antonio Brown Says a ‘Couple Teams Called’ Him Since He Was Released From the Buccaneers

by Jonathan Howard

There has been some time since the Antonio Brown situation happened during the Tampa Bay Bucs game against the New York Jets.

Since the fallout with his former team, Brown has been in the media a few times. The wide receiver has defended his actions and there has been some information regarding a potential injury that puts the story into perspective. Now, he’s a free agent.

Clearly, Antonio Brown is one of the most talented receivers in the NFL. So, after he was released, despite the entire situation, some wondered if he would be back on the field in the future. While it didn’t happen before the postseason, it could still happen next season. There are going to be some offenses that need a little extra power come this fall.

In an interview with Complex, Brown said that he has in fact heard from teams. “I’m a football player, man. I’m a professional athlete. Let’s not get that twisted. That’s my main thing,” he explained. Then, he added that he had been in contact with NFL franchises. “A couple of teams called,” is how he put it.

A media whirlwind kicked up when Antonio Brown walked off the field against the Jets. The receiver claims that he did not feel healthy enough to play. Coach Bruce Arians wanted his star out on the field. There were words exchanged, and Arians told Brown to leave. So he did. The Buccs released him shortly after the game.

There was a lot said about Brown and his mental health following the incident. Brown has not really commented on that aspect of the situation. However, he has reflected a bit and feels that things could have been handled better. Does that mean he regrets what he did? Well…

Antonio Browns Says He ‘Represented’ Himself ‘The Right Way’

Everyone from Arians to Tom Brady and even non-teammates of Antonio Brown commented on the incident. You just don’t see players walk off the field like that. Stripping their uniform off and then taking off for the locker room. So, it was shocking, to say the least.

As for how Brown feels about the situation now? Well, he thinks he could have handled it better. But, there isn’t much regret there, either.

“It’s not a good feeling with the way it ended, but I just feel good that I represented myself the right way,” Brown said. “I could have handled my emotions better from walking off the field and making a distraction, but in that moment, I just didn’t want to be a part of it no more. You’re sacrificing your health to play with someone, and they don’t really respect that, so to me, that was a smack in the face.”

So, will we see Antonio Brown on an NFL field again? He has the talent, but is there the right situation out there for him? Everyone is gonna have to wait and see.