Antonio Brown Faces Backlash Over Twitter Joke About Arizona Cardinals Loss

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Another day, another controversy for Antonio Brown. The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver is now facing some backlash over his Twitter joke about the Arizona Cardinals’ loss. 

On Monday (October 10th), Antonio Brown took to Twitter to give his take on the Arizona Cardinals’ embarrassing loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. “Starting my own Team Sign [Up!],” Brown declared in his latest tweet, which included a picture of the Arizona Cardinals logo with an insensitive joke name underneath.

Given Antonio Brown’s previous controversial comments, Twitter just wasn’t having any of it. One user tweeted a clip from The Office as Leslie David Baker’s Stanley called out Steve Carell’s Michael Scott for losing his mind. 

Another Twitter user then pointed out the insensitive language of the joke. “This is a very disappointing use of language. As someone who had a very special family member with disabilities, you’re not only disrespectful but you’re setting a terrible standard for youth and teens who may see this. It’s not kind and it’s not positive. Please do better.” 

Antonio Brown has been in the spotlight for quite a bit lately, and for all the wrong reasons. He ended up in hot water earlier this month after a video of him exposing himself in a Dubai hotel swimming pool earlier this year surfaced and he has been continuously tweeting controversial comments since then. 

On Sunday (October 9th), Antonio Brown seemingly announced that he was officially retiring from football. “Only person I’ll ever play Football with again is my SON,” he wrote in the tweet. Twitter was also not having that statement, with some users calling out the wide receiver for announcing his retirement multiple times already. 

Antonio Brown Gets Involved in Tom Brady’s Reported Marriage Struggles 

Along with the insensitive Arizona Cardinals tweet, Antonio Brown went after his former teammate and friend Tom Brady with a crude tweet amid the star quarterback’s marriage struggles. 

In a tweet over the weekend, Antonio Brown shared an image of a “book” that had a cartoon image of Tom Brady’s face. The book’s title is Daddy Doesn’t Live Here Anymore: A Book About Divorce. The book cover also had a figure that looked like Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen standing on a front porch with a child and what looked like Brown sitting by the window. The caption on the bottom of the pic read, “That’s just wrong” with cry-laughing emojis. 

Twitter also erupted with criticism towards Antonio Brown. Some pointed out that Brady did nothing but support Brown during the ups and downs of his NFL career. “Imagine making fun of someone’s struggles in their personal life when they tried to help you with yours…” one person tweeted. Another added, “Like Brady invited [Brown] to stay in his house … this really has to be a medical condition … no way it isn’t.” 

Antonio Brown previously shared an image of him and Gisele Bundchen celebrating on the field together after the 2021 Super Bowl championship. However, no one seems to really know the context of the post or the reason why Brown decided to post the picture.