Antonio Brown Gets Roasted Over Bizarre Outfit in New Video

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

All publicity is good publicity … well, at least that seems to be Antonio Brown’s approach. The former NFL wide receiver is getting roasted over his bizarre outfit in a recently posted video. 

In the new video, Antonio Brown is seen wearing a black puffer jacket and wide-legged sweatpants as well as black sandals while hanging out with “credit champion” Michael Chancellor. “Hit [Michael Chancellor] to get your business boomin’,” Brown declares in the caption. “Credit is better than cash.” 

Instagram users weren’t kind as they shared their thoughts about Antonio Brown’s clothing choices. “Dude he got on shorts and you on the North Pole!?!?” One user declared. 

Others pointed out that they weren’t able to hear what Antonio Brown was even saying because his jacket covered his mouth. “He can help with credit, but [can’t] help you with your outfit? Dafuq is that bro? You and Ye lost it.” 

Antonio Brown’s recent antics haven’t exactly been necessarily accepted by social media over the past few months. Less than two weeks ago, Brown was met with some criticism after his insensitive joke about the Arizona Cardinals. He also experienced some backlash after it was reported that he exposed himself in a Dual hotel swimming pool earlier this year. Brown then got involved with the rumored marriage woes between former teammate Tom Brady and his wife Gisele Bündchen.

Antonio Brown Recently Posted Alleged Check For $150,000 That Supposedly Was From His Rap Career 

XXL Magazine reports that Antonio Brown recently posted a $150,000 check that was made out to his label CAB Records LLC from Secure the Bag Record Label. The check reveals the amount is a biweekly payment from July 15, 2022. It was roughly 90 days after the release of Brown’s project Paradigm. 

“I get paid to rap,” Antonio Brown declared with the hashtag #putthatshiton. However, according to court documents obtained by XXL Magazine, Secure the Bag Entertainment is now suing Brown for breach of contract and defamation. The company claims that the former NFL player tried to charge the label $178,000 for “fraudulent” business expenses. This was shortly after Brown received the $150,000 advance. 

The court documents also claim that Antonio Brown requested $150,000 from Secure the Bag Entertainment owner Ryan Kane for a Lil Wayne feature that only he can hand deliver to the famous rap artist. However, after giving Brown the check, Kane stated he decided to put a stop to the payment. Brown, who wasn’t able to cash the payment, then made defamatory statements on social media. He allegedly stated that Secure the Bag Entertainment wrote bad checks. 

Antonio Brown did dress the situation by sharing a photo of the check meant for Lil Wayne. “I get paid to Rap Paid To Snap Ryan Kane STB is not secure,” Brown tweeted. “This is a stop payment for my new track feat Lil Wayne report truth it’s unethical per source Cab Records Inc C A B hol on wait.”