Antonio Brown’s New Music Video Has Social Media Weighing in

by Sean Griffin

Antonio Brown is known for his incredible on-field abilities as an NFL wide receiver. He’s equally known for his bombastic and controversial personality and off-field lifestyle.

In recent years, Brown has focused on many of his side hustles away from the field. These ventures include forays into fashion, celebrity partnerships, and most notably, music. Some of his songs are “Business Boomin,” “Put That S*** On,” and “Whole Lotta Money feat. Rick Ross.”

On Sunday, Brown released a music video for one of his new songs to his Instagram page. Fans took to the comment section to debate the star’s new music, and there were reactions across the spectrum. Some fans loved the embattled free agent wide receiver’s new song, and others bashed the rapper in his comments.

“Festival Loading…………….” Brown captions the post. In the music video, Brown depicts his flashy and ritzy lifestyle by shooting the scenes from the inside of luxury cars, penthouses, and classy restaurants. Brown flashes his chains while the video does a solid job with visual effects.

“Heatttt,” one fan wrote on Instagram. Another agreed, writing: “Dope track! That leather coat!”

Some commenters complimented the receiver’s wordplay. “I run the block like the linemen….that’s a bar!”

“Oh he spitting spitting,” another commented, impressed with the receiver’s lyricism. “Na AB found his sound,” another wrote.

“Ok AB,” another fan wrote. However, while most of the comments showed support for Antonio Brown, others took to the comments to voice concerns about AB and his music.

Fans React to Antonio Brown’s New Music Video

“Save your money AB,” one fan wrote, seeming to believe Brown’s investment in the music video wasn’t worth it.

“This garbage is terrible,” another person said.

“A chihuahua sings better than this bulls***,” one user wrote, slamming AB’s rapping and singing abilities.

Some fans ignored the video altogether and voiced their opinion on Brown’s seemingly early retirement or disinterest in returning to the league.

One person wrote: “Go back to the NFL please.”

Another commenter pointed to Lions’ greats Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson, saying they walked away from the game and regretted it.

“I’m all for stopping early to preserve your health and stuff but look at Barry and Megatron, they both seem like they wish they would’ve or could’ve played more,” they wrote. “This whole ‘you ain’t have nothing else to prove’ s*** is bs to me. Punking you right out of your greatness and taking you out the picture which is the overall goal. I’m selfish, I want to see stars shine.”

Clearly, AB thinks his star can shine elsewhere. While fans would love to see Antonio Brown back on a football field, it seems that for now, he’s more comfortable in the recording studio.