Antonio Brown ‘Puts On’ Ridiculous Outfit at Fashion Show, NFL World Has Questions

by Dustin Schutte

Antonio Brown has confused the NFL world once again. This time, the receiver’s appearance at a fashion show in New York has social media buzzing.

It’s not so much that Brown made an appearance at the fashion show. His decision to take a trip down the runway isn’t even what has everyone talking. It’s the … unique outfit he’s sporting that has caught the NFL world off guard.

Before diving into the comments, take a look at this masterpiece Brown wore during the fashion show. It takes a lot of confidence to pull this off on the runway:

“Wtf u put on tho,” one Instagram user said in response to the outfit.

Another chimed in, “Pause bruh. This ain’t it.”

Those comments are in addition to dozens of people saying, “take that off.” So, yeah, Brown’s decision to put a combination of overalls, sky-diving suit and cocktail dress captured plenty of attention.

Will Antonio Brown Return to the NFL

Whether it was at Rolling Loud in Miami or a fashion show in New York, Antonio Brown has had no trouble creating headlines off the football field. And that brings up an important question — is the receiver done in the NFL?

Though he’s enjoyed a 12-year career in the league, it sounds like he still has interest in a return. In mid-August, TMZ Sports told Brown that people wanted to see him back in the NFL.

His response? “Tell Jerry Jones to call me.”

Word got back to the Dallas Cowboys owner regarding Brown’s comments. Jones didn’t appear to have any interest in signing the veteran receiver.

“We’re good,” he responded. “We want to give these young guys a real chance.”

There’s still a chance Brown could return to the NFL. We’ve seen players step back from the game only to come back in some capacity. For now, though, it seems Brown is quite content getting attention in other aspects of life.