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Antonio Brown Reportedly ‘About to be Arrested’ by TPD

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown will reportedly be arrested because of an alleged domestic violence claim, per a report from Scott Smith of FOX 13. The news was reported on Thursday morning.

Very few details have been provided regarding the situation involving Brown. Per Smith’s report, the former wide receiver will be arrested by the Tampa Police Department.

The former NFL star has been a controversial figure since his departure from the league. He’s battled a number of legal issues and has repeatedly found himself in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Brown has also repeatedly trolled former teammate Tom Brady since leaving the NFL. Thursday’s report is obviously the most troubling issue regarding the former receiver.

Antonio Brown Under Fire for Hotel Behavior

Thursday’s report regarding Antonio Brown’s potential arrest is just the latest controversial situation Brown has been involved in this year. Another incident occurred while visiting a hotel in Dubai.

Brown allegedly exposed himself to guests while at the hotel pool back in September. Some visitors captured the former wide receiver’s abhorrent behavior on video.

Additionally, Brown allegedly harassed a woman while in the pool. The woman attempted to laugh off the encounter and swim away. However, Brown picked her up and slammed her into the water at one point.

The woman eventually swam away from Brown.

Other complaints filed against Brown at the hotel included him disregarding the United Arab Emirates dress code and allegedly smoking marijuana in his room.

Brown traveled outside of the country to perform the intro music for Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s exhibition fight in Abu Dhabi.

Antonio Brown Repeatedly Trolling Tom Brady

Antonio Brown’s behavior has resulted in a decline in his popularity. In addition to legal issues he’s faced, the former wide receiver has endlessly trolled his former teammate, Tom Brady.

Brown poked fun at Brady’s divorce from Gisele Bundchen and revealed text messages the quarterback sent to the wide receiver in 2021. Fans from around the NFL have basically had enough.

“Was there ever really a question who was the good guy between Antonio and Brady?” one fan wrote on Twitter. Another user chimed in by saying, “I was never grappling with who was the good guy here.”